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Last updated: October 19, 2015

Space Reduction with 100% Document Access

file cabinets mounted on mobile carriagesA leading supplier to pharmaceutical, healthcare, and life science industries that supplies contract bio-pharmaceutical development and manufacturing services was quickly losing space in their active file storage area. Their fireproof file cabinets were heavy and required too much extra space, but expansion wasn't an option. In a surprisingly simple solution, file cabinets were mounted on mobile carriages to provide 100% document access and 50% more space in their existing facility and using the storage equipment they already had. Click here to watch a video about how mobile carriages work.

Fireproof File Cabinets on Mobile Carriages

To create space in their existing facility, the company decide to relocate their active file storage area from its previous location to a smaller room in another building. Since their space would be smaller, they needed a solution that would allow 100% document access to all files while still reducing the floor space required for storing these files.

fireproof file cabinets on mobile carriages provide document access in more spaceFiles needed to be stored in heavy fireproof file cabinets, each weighing 600 pounds. Because of this requirement, a traditional mobile shelving unit would not suffice since the mobile shelving wouldn't be able to handle the heavy load.

Mobile carriages were installed instead, which give the storage density and 100% access of mobile storage shelving while providing a dramatic increase in weight capacity to support the heavy file cabinets. The new mobile carriages were designed to support file cabinets with varying dimensions. Now, five mobile carriages have allowed active files to be moved from an 800 sq. ft. area to a 540 sq. ft. area and even improve access to files in this smaller space.

Additionally, the storage system also has the ability to expand as the company's storage needs change over time. The existing space stores 61 cabinets, with extra space to easily store up to 75 cabinets with no loss in accessibility.

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