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Last updated: February 15, 2019

Adjustable computer workstation carts allow ergonomic, clean commercial use

adjustable computer workstation cartsHeight adjustable computer workstation carts or portable PC (personal computer) desktop and laptop storage caddies allow ergonomic, clean commercial use. Able to change the worksurface height up to 42", everyone from office personnel to hospital ward nurses can avoid injury. Staff working in either environment maintain personal health and safety while standing. Users exhibit better posture and sit less too, reducing "sitting disease" conditions.

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Choose from portable PC desktop or laptop storage caddies that come with or without an integrated power strip. Some units have strong aluminum posts that resist corrosion to ensure everyday clean use. Others have lightweight, durable aluminum posts that allow easy component positioning to promote user comfort. All desktop options include a specialized holder and monitor mount flexible enough to adapt whenever you need comfortable access.

Adjustable computer workstation carts promote productivity

portable pc desktop laptop storage caddiesThe adjustable computer workstation carts glide on casters that provide safe, space-saving relocation in moments. It allows hospital ward nurses the mobile flexibility to bring work along on patient rounds. Staff can add patient progress notes during this time, rather than waiting until later and leave work sooner. Optional accessories vary based on the model users choose. Pick from many available options, including:

  • Printer stand
  • Storage basket
  • Document tray
  • Printer shelf

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