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compact mobile storage saves space in university librariesA liberal arts university library was chosen as the repository for a major collection of senatorial papers. Though a prestigious award, the library was also faced with the challenge of properly storing the collection that was expected to grow considerably. After various storage options were considered, the university library decided to use high density, mechanical assist compact mobile storage systems to accommodate their growing collection in a smaller, more manageable footprint than static shelving and file cabinets.

accommodating future growth

A phased installation of five ranges were planned to help spread out costs. Floor rails were laid and mobile shelving carriages were added as needed. Each range was 40 feet long and ten feet high to further maximize storage capacity. The system can be locked to secure holdings and was designed to satisfy the collection’s continued growth for ten more years.

A few years later when the university decided to build an off-site facility for library and archival storage, their satisfaction with the first compact mobile storage system led to the decision to install additional mobile storage systems at the new location. The archival area of the new building was fitted with four 40 foot mobile ranges. Shelving was customized so that all possible sizes of shelving units and boxes could be accommodated, and additional mobile carriages can be added to the new system as the collection’s growth requires.high density compact mobile university & library storage

Thanks to the compact mobile storage systems, the university library archives are able to store twice as many archival items per square foot of floor space as they would have been able to store with static shelving. They have also been able to add new and unexpected historical donations to their archival collection thanks to the extra storage space afforded by the mobile storage systems.

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