A Better Way to Organize & Secure Teaching Supplies

teacher supplies stored in swiveling classroom cabinetsSwiveling classroom storage cabinets offer a better way to organize and secure teachers’ supplies. The cabinets are different than traditional lateral cabinets in that they offer more storage capacity in less space. Enhancing your school’s learning environment with this innovative solution will balances the teacher’s personal needs with their teaching style. (Watch a video on the swiveling storage cabinets.)

How the Swiveling Classroom Storage Cabinets Work

The swiveling classroom cabinets are extremely easy to use; they swivel around just like a Lazy Susan. One side of the cabinet faces the wall while the other side is accessible. To access stored supplies on the cabinet side facing the wall, simply spin the cabinet 180 degrees. When you are finished, you can turn the cabinet a quarter turn either way to lock it up tight.

Benefits of the Swiveling Classroom Storage Cabinets

Here are just some of the benefits to using swiveling classroom storage cabinets:

  • Appropriate for K-12, higher education or technical schools.
  • Media drawers can house DVDs and CDs.
  • Use color-coded shelf bins to separate instructional aids and supplies by student, grade level or subject
  • Outfit with a wardrobe compartment for teacher apparel.swiveling classroom storage cabinets increase supply capacity
  • Individually locking drawers provide a secure place for a teacher’s personal valuables.
  • Flip-up worksurfaces provide a good way to teach using laptops or visual aids.
  • Cabinet locks may be key or numeric code accessible.
  • Caster kits allow for units to be moved or repositioned easily.

Specifications of the Swiveling Classroom Storage Cabinets

  • 10 heights from 29 1/2″ to 92 1/2″
  • Starter widths of 36 1/2″ and 45 1/4″
  • Worksurface Dimensions: 36 1/2″ Unit: 26″W x 23″D or 45 1/4″ Unit: 26″W x 29″D
  • Mobile units are restricted to 60 7/8″ Height (5-Tier)

Contact Us for Swiveling Classroom Storage Cabinets

Southwest Solutions Group® provides design and installation services for swiveling classroom storage cabinets. SSG will even offer a free consultation to determine your exact needs. To learn more or to speak with a specialist, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.




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