For crime labs, functionality and security are qualities that cannot be compromised. These facilities need forensic lab furniture and storage solutions that allow technicians to work safely and efficiently and maintain a secure chain of custody when storing evidence.

We offer a wide range of forensic lab furniture to meet all your crime lab needs, from sanitary work surfaces and fume extraction solutions to secure and space-efficient storage for evidence and crime lab equipment. (Check out all of our public safety solutions here.)

Read on to learn more about the following forensic lab furniture and storage offerings:

  • Forensic Lab Modular casework
  • Chemical-resistant tabletops
  • Crime Lab Fume hoods
  • Crime Lab Evidence lockers
  • High-density crime lab storage
  • Weapons storage systems

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Forensic Lab Modular Casework

Lab furniture for forensic storage

To start with, modular casework is a highly functional solution for forensic labs. These customizable cabinet kits provide sanitary counter workspace and space-efficient storage for crime lab technician equipment.

Unlike traditional millwork furniture, forensic lab modular casework is not built into the wall, making installation quick and easy and allowing you to reconfigure or relocate the casework as desired. The reusability of modular casework makes it an environmentally friendly option for forensic lab furniture.

Modular casework combines lower base cabinets with upper wall-mounted cabinets, precision manufactured to industry-standard sizes. You can customize the cabinetry to meet the unique needs of your crime lab, adding drawers, solid or glass doors, or opting for an open cabinet design.

The casework can be constructed from various materials, including hardwoods, metals, and laminates. Stainless steel is the typical choice for labs and other environments where hygiene and sanitization are prioritized. The stainless steel casework resists rust and corrosion and handles frequent sanitization. The non-porous surfaces are easy to clean, and counters come with a backsplash to simplify cleaning. You can also mix construction materials best to fit the needs and layout of your forensic lab.

With its flexible, space-efficient, and sanitary design, modular casework is a functional choice for forensic crime lab equipment storage and furniture. You can find more information about movable casework here.

Chemical-Resistant Tabletops

Forensic lab workstation for law enforcement

Another functional and sanitary option for forensic lab furniture is installing chemical-resistant tabletops. Made of durable fabricated materials, the chemical-resistant worksurfaces provide lasting functionality at a lower cost than epoxy-resin tabletops.

Chemical-resistant worksurfaces are an excellent option for sanitary crime lab workstations. The tabletops facilitate easy cleaning, and backsplashes protect the walls from spills. The units configure to fit your facility’s layout, and accessories such as sinks and faucets integrate into the units for optimal functionality.

Crime Lab Fume Hoods

Forensic lab fume hoodsCrime lab fume hoods and other fume extraction solutions are critical police crime lab equipment. Because crime lab technicians often work with hazardous chemicals, fume hoods keep personnel safe by providing specialized ventilation to extract contaminants and toxic vapors from the lab environment.

Traditional laboratory fume hoods have a heavy-duty framework with chemical-resistant interiors made of stainless steel, PVC, or resin-chem. The fume hoods have a flexible design that you can customize to your preferred specifications.

Four standard types of laboratory fume hoods are:

  • Bypass: Includes a double bypass to maintain a constant exhaust volume and limit changes in the face velocity.
  • Add Air: Provides up to 70% of hood exhaust requirements by introducing outside air through a front mount plenum.
  • Variable Air Volume: Works with an adjustable damper system to reduce air consumption, resulting in energy cost savings.
  • ADA Compliant: Includes special accommodations to meet the needs of wheelchair operators.

An alternative to the traditional fume hoods, ductless fume hoods provide cutting-edge air filtration technology. Available in different sizes and configurations, the ductless fume hood workstations are not installed into the wall and can be placed on mobile carts. This affords flexibility for forensic lab environments, especially when space is limited.

Features of the ductless fume hoods include:

  • A sturdy chemical-resistant epoxy-coated steel support frame
  • Metal or polypropylene construction
  • Clear side and back panels for 360-degree visibility
  • High-efficiency EC blower with manual speed controller
  • Energy-saving LED lighting
  • Filter blockage alarm
  • Air velometer
  • Dynamic filtration chamber to prevent leakage of contaminated air

Other fume extraction systems include downflow stations and fume chambers available in tall, benchtop, and multiple-chamber models.

Crime Lab Evidence Lockers

Lab locker storage for forensicsEvidence storage is an important consideration for crime labs. Law enforcement facilities must ensure a secure chain of custody when handling and storing evidence from confiscation to submission in court. Evidence lockers provide secure storage for evidence of various kinds in crime lab facilities.

Four common types of evidence lockers are:

  • Pass-through evidence lockers: These lockers Install directly into walls. Police officers deposit evidence into the locker from one side, and crime lab technicians later retrieve the evidence from the other side.
  • Non-pass-through evidence lockers: Single-sided lockers that provide temporary evidence storage. Police officers deposit evidence into the locker at any time, and the evidence is securely stored until an evidence technician comes and retrieves it from the locker.
  • Refrigerated evidence lockers: Ideal for storing biological evidence. These lockers are available as pass-through or non-pass-through units and can be built into other evidence locker systems.
  • Evidence drying cabinets: Designed for drying wet biological evidence to ensure preservation. Airflow circulates through the cabinet to dry the stored materials and filter air before venting.

Each of these locker solutions can come in various sizes and is equipped with security features to protect the chain of custody and ensure that evidence transfers safely from the officers to the crime lab technicians. You can find more information about the benefits and types of police evidence lockers here.

Crime Lab Storage

A common problem with crime lab storage is insufficient space. High-density storage systems mitigate this problem. By converting unused aisle space into storage, these movable shelving systems can provide up to double the storage capacity in the same footprint as traditional static shelving.

Modular forensic lab storage for policeMore features of high-density crime lab storage:

  • Customizable to store evidence of all shapes and sizes
  • Great for long-term evidence storage, weapons storage, climate-controlled storage for biological materials, file and record storage, etc.
  • Available with manual or powered modes of operation
  • Equipped with safety features to prevent injuries to personnel or damage to stored materials
  • Optional access control features to restrict access to stored evidence

You can learn more about high-density storage systems here.

Weapons Storage Systems

Forensic firearm storage for law enforcementForensic labs often need to store large numbers of firearms, whether as evidence or as a reference library. Either way, it’s important to utilize storage shelving that efficiently uses limited space.

As an alternative to traditional weapons racks, a high-density storage system stores weapons of all sizes in a compact footprint. The specialized weapons storage options have a durable steel frame and a sturdy base shelf. Add adjustable accessories, including cantilever shelves for long guns and pistol hooks and brackets to create a space-efficient storage system that adjusts to accommodate changing weapons storage needs.

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