Medical Sciences Department Selects Modular Casework for Their Laboratory Furniture Project

modular laboratory furniture workstations for medical sciences modular labs furniture cabinets for university and medical school labs

Southwest Solutions Group’s Brandon Baird concluded a laboratory furniture project for the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences Department (UAMS). The laboratory project leader, Peter A. Crooks, Ph.D., Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences Chair, selected Hamilton Sorter Lab Casework for the three rooms. Click here to learn more about modular casework. 

Lab Casework Workstation Islands with Overhead Storage Cabinets

lab casework sink laboratory furniture casework modular millwork for medical purposes educational lab experiments stainless cabinets countertops and storage

The project included eleven lab casework islands with upper glass door cabinets on risers. The upper glass door cabinets are designed to allow lab supplies and materials to be passed through from one side of the workstation to the other and offer full depth and dual-use from either side of the islands. The lab casework work surfaces are comprised of ultra chemical resistant and durable Class 1/A Fire-Rated phenolic resin, and each work island is equipped with nine power outlets and water and gas fixtures. Extra workspace was created with roll-out lab casework tables that appear to be seamlessly built-in counter spaces. The rolling lab casework tables provide additional workspace for researchers when needed and then they can be rolled out of the way when they’re not in use.

Experience Dynamic Flexibility with Modular Laboratory Furniture

Lab casework is just like built-in laboratory furniture, except it is modular. This means that each part of the casework can be easily adjusted, replaced, or reconfigured as your laboratory furniture needs change. No matter what type of laboratory furniture you need, we can design and provide lab casework that meets your exact needs and wants. Here are some examples of the types of lab casework we can provide:revit bim models

  • All types of freestanding wall storage cabinets and even space-saving storage systems for storage rooms
  • All types of laboratory work surfaces including epoxy resin, phenolic Resin, lab-grade laminate, solid maple, stainless steel, or natural stonework surfaces
  • Laboratory fixtures including wet lab faucets, sinks, task lighting, electrical outlets, and data connectionslab casework with electrical outlets for medical laboratory experiments and learning modular millwork stainless steel furniture countertop cabinets for storage
  • Accessories like pegboards drying racks and computer monitor peripherals

We Design, Deliver, Install, and Service Casework Laboratory Furniture

Whether you work in a medical lab, forensic lab, research lab, chemical lab, university lab, or another type of laboratory, we will be able to design, deliver, install and service all of your lab casework. Call us today at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message to see how we can help you with your next laboratory furniture project.

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