Live data floor replacement videoIn the ever-evolving world of data centers, where every moment counts and downtime is not an option, even the smallest component plays a critical role in maintaining optimal performance. The data room floor is one such component that often goes unnoticed but is vital for smooth operations. Serving as the foundation for the entire data center infrastructure, the floor bears the weight of countless racks, cabinets, and cabling while supporting power flow, cooling, and network connectivity. However, there comes a time when the floor needs to be replaced to ensure continued reliability and efficiency. Live data room floor replacement is the best way to do this. Live data room floor replacement is a complex process that involves replacing the existing floor of a data center while keeping the facility operational and minimizing downtime. Traditional data room floor replacement requires downtime, as servers must be powered off and temporarily relocated. However, a new method of live data room floor replacement allows the data center raised floor to be replaced with no downtime at all. 

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raised floor replacementWhy Replace a Raised Floor?

Having raised floors inherently presents potential hazards. Floors, if unstable, are un-leveled, filled with gaps, and missing pieces that could present tripping hazards. Over time the standards of the floor itself diminish. After years of use, the stress causes the pedestal heads to loosen. The loosening of the heads causes the grid pieces to shift.

As the grid shifts, small gaps develop between the floor tiles. The in-between tile gaps directly result in the floor tiles being pulled off the grid pieces, decreasing the weight rating. Gapping floors will eventually lead to the floor collapsing.

When designers construct raised panel flooring, the floor’s lifespan is approximately twenty years. The longer a tile floor exists past the suggested expiration date, the higher probability that the tile will collapse and cause failure. As raised tile flooring ages, the rolling load capabilities decrease.

How Does Live Data Center Floor Replacement Work?

The innovative process of live data center floor replacement eliminates downtime by utilizing a lift system that raises equipment from the subfloor while allowing it to remain operable and accessible. The goal is to seamlessly transition from the old floor to the new one without disrupting the critical IT infrastructure and services housed within the data center.

live data floor replacementThe system uses hydraulic jacks and steel beams to gently lift the server rack just enough to begin the hoisting process. Once multiple beams insert underneath the racks, the steel beams are attached to the hydraulic jacks. Once the beams and jacks are in place, the cabinets are lifted slowly and suspended on a steel framework approximately 3″ in the air.

After the new floor installation, the server cabinets are gently lowered onto the new raised floor. The total lift time for a row of eight to 12 servers is one to two hours to hoist. The floor replacement takes about one hour. Live data room floor replacement provides maximum results and cost-effectiveness and minimizes risks. Visit our online store to see our office storage products.

Live Floor Replacement v. Non-Live Floor Replacement

Live data room floor replacement involves replacing data center flooring while maintaining ongoing operations and minimizing downtime. On the other hand, non-live raised floor replacement typically involves shutting down the data center and temporarily relocating or powering off the equipment during the replacement process. Here are some key differences between live data center floor replacement and non-live replacement:

  • Downtime: Live data center floor replacement aims to minimize or eliminate downtime by allowing the data center to remain operational during the floor replacement. Non-live replacement involves a complete data center shutdown, significantly interrupting services and operations.
  • Cost: Live data center raised floor replacement is more cost-effective than non-live replacement. The additional planning, contingency measures, and equipment relocation required to conduct non-live raised floor replacement can contribute to increased expenses.
  • Equipment Relocation: Live data room floor replacement does not require equipment relocation to facilitate the replacement process. The non-live replacement does involve powering down and physically moving the equipment to a temporary location during the floor replacement.
  • Timeline: Live data center floor replacement can be conducted in a matter of hours without the need to relocate equipment. Non-live raised floor replacement is more time-consuming due to relocating the equipment elsewhere in the data center.
  • Impact on Operations: Live data room floor replacement aims to minimize the impact on data center operations, allowing businesses to continue providing services to their customers without interruption. Non-live replacement involves a complete cessation of operations during the replacement process, resulting in a temporary suspension of room floor replacement

Benefits of Live Data Room Floor Replacement

The benefits of replacing your data center flooring with live data room floor replacement include the following:

  • No downtime or disruption of data center operations
  • Ability to adjust the data center floor to accommodate changing infrastructure needs
  • Enhanced floor reliability
  • Improved safety
  • Enhanced performance and efficiency
  • Compliance with regulations
  • Long-term cost savings

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Engaging experienced professionals is crucial for a successful live data room floor replacement project. Southwest Solutions Group has experience in live data center floor replacement and other data center raised floor services. We will also provide a free consultation to determine your needs and specifications before the process begins. To learn more or to speak with a specialist, call us at 800-803-1083 or send us a message today.


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