Consider a low-profile access floor system if you want a flexible infrastructure solution to simplify cable management. Low-profile access floors are specialized raised flooring systems used in buildings to provide an accessible space for distributing services such as power and data.

Unlike traditional raised access computer floors, which typically have a higher floor height, low-profile raised access flooring offers a thinner, more compact design.

They are commonly used in various environments, including offices, data centers, control rooms, libraries, museums, and commercial buildings.

Any environment where a discreet and accessible service distribution solution is required while optimizing available space can benefit from this system.

Read on to learn about the benefits, features, and differences between low-profile access flooring and traditional raised floor panels. To see more office storage solutions, visit our market page.

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Benefits of Low-Profile Access Flooring

Space Savings

Low-Profile Access Flooring VideoOne of the primary advantages of low-profile access flooring is its space-saving nature. These systems maximize the available vertical space by minimizing the floor height, making them particularly suitable for areas with height restrictions or limited space, such as refurbishments, renovations, or buildings with shallow floor voids.

Cable Management Systems

A low-profile raised access floor provides a dedicated underfloor space for routing and organizing cables. This ensures a neat and organized workspace, minimizes tripping hazards, and simplifies cabling infrastructure maintenance and upgrades.

Quick Installation

Low-profile computer access flooring is a modular raised floor system that installs 75% faster than traditional methods: a team of four installers can install 2700 square feet daily. The raised floor system also requires no specialized training to install. The floor tiles can be cut without specialized equipment, and the height-adjustable components enable simple installation with no modifications needed for uneven floors.

Flexibility and Adaptability

low profile access flooringWith a low-profile access floor, your workspace can be easily reconfigured to accommodate changing technology, layout, or equipment requirements. Power and data outlets can be added or relocated without requiring extensive modifications to the building structure, offering a flexible and adaptable solution. The raised access flooring system is also reusable; since it is not glued to the concrete slab, the access flooring can be removed and relocated without causing damage.


The raised platform of a low-profile access floor allows easy access to the underfloor area. Technicians can quickly reach and service cables, electrical components, or other systems without the need for disruptive or time-consuming dismantling of the floor or ceiling.

Low-Profile Access Flooring v. Traditional Raised Access Flooring

Low-profile access flooring and traditional raised access flooring, also known as raised computer flooring, are both types of flooring systems used in commercial and data center environments. While they serve similar purposes, the two have some key differences.

raised access flooringLow-Profile Access Floor Systems:

  • Low height, typically ranging from 2 to 6 inches
  • Primarily designed for cable management
  • Quick and simple installation, with no specialist training necessary
  • Reusable and easily modified
  • Cost-effective solution

Traditional Raised Computer Floor Systems:

  • Larger height, typically ranging from 6 to 24 inches or more
  • Have space to combine cable management with additional functions like airflow distribution, equipment placement, and structural support
  • Time-consuming and invasive installation, requiring a specialist
  • Attached to the building and difficult to modify

Low-Profile Access Floor Features

access flooringOur low-profile raised access floor systems have several innovative features, including the following:

  • Height-adjustable components accommodate uneven flooring and provide flexibility to adjust as needed
  • Fire-retardant and durable magnesium oxide construction, rigorously tested to meet stringent safety standards
  • A reusable, lightweight flooring system can be relocated if you move to a new location or reconfigured for a new layout
  • Environmentally friendly flooring made from recyclable polypropylene, steel, and aluminum, with floor covering made from all-natural materials
  • Optional waterproof and dustproof power socket outlets can be placed and moved where needed
  • Optional recouping cables and connectors are available
  • Optional perimeter blocking available to stabilize flooring, exclude draft, and enhance aesthetics

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