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Last updated: April 20, 2018

Wall mounted computer monitor cabinets protect equipment & save space

wall mounted computer monitor cabinets

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Wall mounted computer monitor cabinets with mouse and keyboard storage trays create convenient workstations that protect expensive smart equipment while saving space. They're great to use in harsh industrial environments with dust and airborne debris which can slow high-tech system function the users need to complete work activities. Users can pick from many models that come with or without lockable doors designed to provide protection against damaging bits that contribute to putting a rift in productivity. All available options have a filtration system with a fan that provides proper airflow to keep equipment cool and prevent impairment, so users can work without technical disruption. The mounting hardware that allows secure system installation to underused areas to ensure space savings not included.

Features for affordable wall mounted computer monitor cabinets

mouse keyboard storage trays workstationsThe wall mounted computer monitor cabinets can include lockable polycarbonate see-through or durable steel flipper doors. While one allows visibility, either provide protection that keeps equipment safe from damage. Systems have many attractive features that add value while keeps costs low to ensure affordability. While some help to safeguard equipment, others allow technology integration and provide pleasing aesthetics. These include:

Fan: Filtered fan system creates positive airflow to help prevent dust from entering the cabinet while promoting air circulation.

Finish: Available in a wide selection of painted steel colors that add pleasing aesthetics

Outlet Strip: A 12" six-outlet power strip provides convenient technology integration to promote productivity

Doors: A locking polycarbonate door (on designated products only) provides visibility

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