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Last updated: September 06, 2018

Charging & Ventilation Options for Police Gear Lockers

usb charging ports police gear lockersPolice personal & gear lockers are now available with USB charging ports and mesh ventilation panels to assist police departments with being more efficient and secure. The police personal and gear lockers can be customized with drawers, bins, garment hangers, locking internal compartments, and a number of other options—which now include these additional features to allow the lockers to be even more convenient than before.revit bim models

USB Charging Ports & Ventilation Panels

The USB charging ports are available in addition to standard electrical outlets due to the need for officers to charge phones and other devices being stored within the lockers. Now, officers can simply plug their devices in and charge them while they're being stored securely, offering another level of security and efficiency without officers even having to think about it.

Internal compartments are another popular feature of the police personal and gear lockers, and now the compartments can be configured with a built-in combination lock or original padlock hasp for even more security.

mesh ventilation panels police personal gear lockers

For maintaining security while providing ventilation, doors configured with offset mesh ventilation panels are also available. This allows ventilation of stored items such as electronics to prevent them from overheating, and are also ideal for storing uniforms and other garments that need to be allowed to dry to prevent mold and mildew.

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