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Stationary box racks & shelving worth investing in

stationary box racks and shelvingStoring information is costly. In fact, in an effort to be more frugal and limit the consumption of physical paper, many businesses have turned to implementing technology-driven storage. But, as a group of experts pointed out, it isn't totally foolproof. For this reason, it is a good idea to invest in stationary box racks and shelving when additional space for storage is needed. They are particularly useful for law firms looking to improve legal file storage capacity and efficiency when storing documents tied to judicial cases. This is because these freestanding systems can be made to accommodate more stuff simply by attaching add-on units. In addition, the flexibility of the stationary box racks and shelving allows for sensitive data to be securely stored and organized efficiently at far less of the cost than if a computerized application experienced a breach in security. Consider using double and triple-deep slider file shelving as an alternative to stationary box racks and shelving. It also offers many of the same benefits. Watch a video on it, here.

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See specifications and pricing for sliding box shelving, 24" long box shelving, 12.5" x 16" boxes shelving and racks, letter/legal files boxes.
sliding box shelvingSliding Box
24 inch long box shelving24" Long Box
box shelving12.5" x 16"
Boxes Shelving
12-1/2'' X 16'' Box Racks12.5" x 16"
Boxes Racks
letter/legal file boxLetter/Legal
File Box

Stationary box racks & shelving provide more flexibility

These stationary box racks and shelving improve legal files storage capacity and efficiency better than any technology-based storage method could because they feature more flexibility. This makes maximizing space for storage easy. Starter units allow for additional shelving to be accommodated as more storage space is required. Each unit of shelving easily stores between 21 and 24 file boxes. Shelves can also be adjusted to accommodate user reach ability and accessibility to files. Single and double-sided units are available.

Stationary box racks and shelving improve productivity

improve legal file storage capacity and efficiencyLearning to navigate through virtually portals to gain access to the information you need takes time. This, in effect, can lead to a reduction in productivity. Using what you already have on hand and are familiar with such as stationary box racks and shelving will help to improve productivity. This is because information will be accessible from a centralized location. It allows for files to found quicker and easier than in the time it would take to familiarize yourself with locating data stored on a computer drive.

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