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Flexible keyless industrial storage promotes maximum space efficiency

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See-thru door cabinets with keypad lock and adjustable shelves create keyless industrial storage that provides visible, flexible space to keep equipment safe. Adapt interior components in two-inch increments to maximize space efficiency while maintaining flexibility to make changes based on future inventory needs. Many locking components provide efficient protection against theft, vandalism, and damage to keep facilities from losing money on material investments. This includes a 3-point locking device that locks with a standard padlock and others that provide key-free item access.

Visible keyless industrial storage keeps users & tools safe

These keyless industrial storage models have all-welded heavy duty steel construction that can withstand harsh use in rough and tough environments. Each includes four shelves that support up to 1,900 lbs in weight capacity from tools and machine parts. Add extra shelving to ensure maximum versatility and space to store, organize and protect valued equipment. Legs welded to the bottom provide mobility to ease lifting when users need to move units. Systems provide ample visibility, allowing users to recognize stored items while looking in from the outside to ensure safety.

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