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Last updated: February 20, 2018

USDA & FDA compliant containers promote food processing bin storage use

reusable totes stack nest lids container

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Reusable totes can stack or nest when empty with or without lids to create a container solution with the capacity to save space. They're injection molded from high-density polypropylene material that complies with USDA and FDA regulations to promote food processing bin storage use. Units even resist rust, corrosion, chemicals, and moisture while maintaining shape to ensure optimal use.

Reusable totes stack & nest creating space-saving container

usda fda food processing bin storageUsers can turn the reusable totes 180 degrees to stack units that nest when empty with or without lids to create a space-saving container solution. Each can fit an optional 3" x 5" clear label holder that helps strengthen material organization. It attaches to the totes or their tops with secure ease to make part identification more convenient.

Units have a smooth surface that users can clean with ease and textured bottoms that ensure safe and easy non-slip grip in transit on conveyors. Each includes handle grips on either side to make carrying and handling easier. Units come in up to nine sizes to accommodate user needs and many standard colors that add an attractive look, including blue, gray and red.

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