Promote Eco-Efficiency in Your Company with Modular Casework

laboratory metal modular casework

As resources become scarcer and more expensive, techniques and processes that conserve resources and promote efficiency are becoming more cost-effective. This is why all types of businesses and organizations from pharmacies to universities are focusing on eco-efficiency – the endorsement of green-friendly procedures, designs, and products within a company. One easy way your company can promote eco-efficiency to save money is to invest in Modular Casework instead of built-in furniture. Click here to learn more about modular casework.

Modular Casework is Sustainable and Practical Eco-Efficient Furniture

Of the numerous ways to be more eco-efficient, reusing existing furniture is one that gives you some of the most significant results. Every time your company makes the decision to reuse what you have, that’s one less manufacturing process taking place at the front end and one less waste disposal or recycling process required at the back end. That is why Modular Casework is recognized as a sustainable solution that counts toward LEED certification.

In addition to reducing waste, reusing your existing furniture saves you money. Say you need to rearrange your office to switch the large mailroom and the small break room because you have gone paperless to reduce your mail, but you’ve added three new employees. With built-in furniture, you would have to spend the time and money to tear out all the furniture in each room and replace it with brand new furniture. On the other hand, with Modular Casework, you can make the transition easy and smooth because each room’s furniture can be moved to its new space. You can even mix and match the Modular Casework if you want. Watch this video and check out more changes you can make with Modular Casework.

pharmacy laminate modular casework

Investing in Modular Casework Pays Off Big for Dallas Law Office

Here is an example of how Modular Casework saved a Dallas law office thousands of dollars. Ten years ago, the law office invested $67,000 to outfit their entire office services area with Modular Casework. Over time the law office grew, which meant they needed to relocate. Thanks to their investment in Modular Casework, the law office was able to reuse everything in their new space. Even better, the cost to relocate the Modular Casework was $2,750. If the law office hadn’t invested in Modular Casework and instead chose built-in furniture, they would have spent over $50,000 to get furniture in their new office services area. In total, the law firm saved approximately $47,000 because they chose Modular Casework so many years ago. They concluded that Modular Casework was the right decision because it pays for itself as soon as you have to move.

Different Types of Modular Casework

hospital stainless steel modular casework

Depending on your business, you might have different furniture needs. That’s why we provide all types of Modular Casework to ensure everyone’s needs are met.

Stainless Steel Modular Casework

Stainless Steel Modular Casework is a great furniture solution for hospitals, operating rooms, morgues, and any other healthcare facility because it does not retain moisture and can stand up to being sanitized frequently. Stainless steel is a surface that can handle water, heat, and harsh chemicals and won’t rust or hold onto any particulates. Because stainless steel complements existing sanitization and cleanliness procedures in a healthcare environment, it can aid in preventing hospital-acquired infections (HAIs).

Stainless Steel Modular Casework is also becoming popular outside the healthcare industry. An example of how it’s been used is in police department intake rooms/booking areas and control rooms. People are brought in to be processed and sometimes they have fluids on them like blood or vomit that gets transferred onto the furniture in the intake/booking room. If the department is using Stainless Steel Modular Casework instead of built-in furniture, the fluids will be easy to clean up and nothing will get into the casework. Also, the control room can suffer from extreme wear and tear. It might not seem like it, but taking out a gun, nightstick, handcuffs, and other heavy-duty equipment and putting it on the furniture day after day is really heavy abuse. Fortunately, Stainless Steel Modular Casework can stand up to this kind of treatment. Its long-term functionality really benefits industries that don’t have the financial capital to re-invest in furniture every few years. (See videos see videos)

Metal Modular Casework

Metal Modular Casework with an epoxy resin powder coating is durable and long-lasting so it can easily stand up to daily habitual use. One of the metals that are frequently used for the casework is steel, which has been reclaimed and recycled. In addition, Metal Casework cabinet sides, doors, and drawer fronts can also be designed and finished to give the appearance of laminate casework. One industry in particular that frequently uses Metal Modular Casework is laboratories. Metal Modular Casework goes so well in laboratories because it can be designed to suit the needs of the machines and the people working in the room.

A project we did with the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences Department was all about customizing the Metal Modular Casework to meet specific requirements in their laboratory. The project included eleven islands with upper glass door cabinets on risers. The upper glass door cabinets are designed to allow lab supplies and materials to be passed through from one side of the workstation to the other and offer full depth and dual-use from either side of the islands. The work surfaces are comprised of ultra chemical resistant and durable Class 1/A Fire-Rated phenolic resin, and each work island is equipped with nine power outlets and water and gas fixtures. Extra workspace was created with roll-out tables that appear to be seamlessly built-in counter spaces. The tables provide additional workspace for researchers when needed and then they can be rolled out of the way when they’re not in use.

Laminate Modular Casework

Metal Modular Casework used in the UAMS laboratory

Laminate Modular Casework comes in a variety of standard finishes with numerous hardware choices. You can easily match your décor or create a new and interesting architectural feature with Laminate Casework without paying anything extra.

An office services furniture dealer used Laminate Modular Casework on a barrier wall to store a variety of literature and product samples. The literature consists of a lot of brochures and paper, but the company also has to provide large items like carpet samples and very small items like fabrics and wood samples. The puzzle of designing a clean, organized system to house the myriad shapes and sizes of goods was compounded by the fact that the location was a working showroom. Any square footage dedicated to storage potentially consumed areas that could be used to display products. And as with every functional area in the showroom, the solution needed to exemplify the company’s capabilities and creativity.

The Laminate Modular Casework was used to leverage their space while creating room for all the literature and product samples they needed to store. Sample books sit handsomely on shelves of precisely suited height, bins offer storage for fabric swatches on rings and base vertical shelves house heavy floor tiles. Doors cover the unruly samples. All of these ostensibly custom solutions were available as standard options including the designer white laminate styled to match the decor of the store was a standard finish.

modular casework furniture

Modular Casework Features and Accessories

You can choose more than just the type of material for Modular Casework. There are all types of features and accessories that can be added depending on what you need and want. Here is a shortlist of available features and accessories (many of these come standard on all Modular Casework):

  • Full height drawer sides and back
  • Transparent and frosted glass doors
  • Enclosed drawer glides to protect from contaminates
  • Self-closing drawers to prevent slamming
  • Thermofoil doors for easy cleaning
  • Adjustable and locking shelves
  • Full opening doors with 270-degree hinges
  • Fixtures including faucets, sinks, lighting, and electrical outlets
  • Accessories like pegboards drying racks and computer monitor peripherals

anti-microbial copper casework work surface

Anti-microbial Copper

Another feature of Modular Casework that is particularly relevant to healthcare facilities is the option to have work surfaces, pull handles, knobs, and other touch surfaces made out of anti-microbial copper. Anti-microbial copper is the only touch surface material registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that when cleaned regularly kills 99.9% of bacteria* that cause hospital-acquired infections within two hours of exposure. Anti-microbial copper touch surfaces are a great supplement to current standard infection control practices because of their ability to reduce microbial contamination.

In addition to killing bacteria, anti-microbial copper touch surfaces are very green-friendly because they are completely recyclable. The copper surfaces are inherently anti-microbial so no chemicals are added, which makes them safe for people and the environment. Furthermore, anti-microbial copper will remain effective even after repeated wet and dry abrasion and re-contamination, and natural tarnishing does not impair its effectiveness.

*Laboratory testing shows, when cleaned regularly, antimicrobial copper alloys kill greater than 99.9 percent of the following bacteria within two hours of exposure: MRSA, Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococcus faecalis (VRE), Staphylococcus aureus, Enterobacter aerogenes, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and E. coli O157: H7. Antimicrobial Copper surfaces are a supplement to and not a substitute for standard infection control practices and have been shown to reduce microbial contamination, but do not necessarily prevent cross-contamination; users must continue to follow all current infection control practices.revit bim models

Designing and Installing Modular Casework

Whether you are designing a laboratory, operating room, mailroom, pharmacy, break room, or any type of commercial business or healthcare facility, we can help you design and install eco-efficient Modular Casework for your facility. Southwest Solutions Group® is a regional company with local sales and support representatives. Our success stems from our ability and dedication to understand and react to the changing needs of our clients. We carefully monitor and control your project from concept to completion. Our experienced sales engineers can help identify your project needs and time constraints. Our goal is to provide Modular Casework that will meet your needs now and into the future. Send us a message or give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 to speak with a Modular Casework representative today.