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Oblique Filing Systems and File Compartments for Letter Legal and Large Document Storage

oblique-filing-systems-hanging-sie-tab-file-storageOblique filing systems manufacture hanging file folders that hang in shelving racks vertically to maximize storage space. These Oblique file compartments will store letter and legal size files or large documents up to 24" wide by 41" long. Oblique file compartments have a 6" magnified lens for name labels on the side of the compartments for easy identification. Oblique name labels come in various colors to categorize file types for quick and easy recognition (View Oblique filing systems file and large document storage images).

Using Oblique File Compartments for Side Tab Filing

Oblique file compartments are available in top tab and side tab in letter and legal sizes. Using Oblique file compartments for side tab filing will save more floorspace than traditional lateral file cabinets. The side tab file compartments work just like a typical Pendaflex® file folder you would use in a lateral file cabinet except these file folders have the name label on the side of the folder and hang in shelving racks. Since the name label is on the side of the file instead of the top, you will have seven levels of filing instead of four or five. Also, the cost of an Oblique filing system using shelving is much less expensive than traditional lateral file cabinets (Oblique Filing Systems letter-size folders and Oblique Filing Systems legal-size file folders).

Oblique Filing Systems for Large Document Storage Applications

oblique-file-pocket-labels-labeling-indexing-systemUsing Oblique large document file compartments for storing over sized printing plates and artwork is much more space efficient and cost-effective than traditional flat files. Because large document storage compartments hang vertically from shelving racks, you will be able to easily access large document files using 7' or 8' tall shelving. Also, you won't have the cost of expensive drawer cabinet construction and stacking sensitive documents on top of each other in drawers. Oblique filing systems hanging compartments are great for large document storage of artwork and offset printing plates, printing mats, printing blankets, negative printing plates, lithography plates, maps, posters, newspapers, periodicals, blueprint plan drawings, and over sized drawings (Oblique large document storage compartments).

Oblique Filing Systems Top Tab File Folders Make Filing Easy

side-tab-pendaflex-hanging-file-shelving-storage-foldersOblique top tab file folders are the ultimate file folder when it comes to top tab filing. These heavy duty file folders offer a 11" magnified lens for name labels. Name labels are available in colors for quick identification of files by categories. The Oblique hanging file compartments snap together so important documents can't accidentally get lost when filing (Oblique top tab file folders).

Organizing Your Desk With Oblique Organizers

Does your desk need organizing? Oblique organizers for organizing files, forms, and other important documents on your desk are better than stacking tray organizers because they expand and contract to allow you to organize more documents using less desk space (Oblique Forms and File Organizers). Oblique organizers will also fit perfectly on overhead cubicle shelves to clear up your desk for more immediate work.

Need Help Designing a Oblique Filing System for Files or Large Documents?

If you need assistance planning and designing an Oblique filing system for your business, then give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or click here. We've been designing Oblique filing systems for files and large documents since 1969.

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