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Last updated: January 02, 2019

Flexible & attractive rechargeable battery pack powered mobile carriages

rechargeable battery pack powered mobile carriagesExperts can design movable church service altars from rechargeable battery powered mobile carriages to ensure sanctuaries have flexible space to do more. This includes hosting gatherings, plays, and other events that bring the congregation together. Read on to learn how the space-saving units allow users to put on the activities in moments.

Movable church service alters

While renovating its sanctuary, a faith-based facility needed to create enough flexible space to accommodate many uses. A large marble altar located near the back of the sanctuary did not allow the reverend and vestry much space to conduct services. Personnel wanted a solution creative enough in form and function that would allow users to:

  • Move the system out front during sermon delivery and still have the flexibility to relocate it elsewhere during play performances and more.
  • Feel comfortable while standing behind it and closer to the congregation.

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movable church service altarsIn response, experts created a movable platform for the unit using rechargeable battery pack powered mobile carriages. Covered with attractive wood framing and carpet, it slides back and forth over a recessed floor rail to save space. Able to do so in the safest and discrete capacity, the solution relocates in seconds to wherever needed. Users then have the space to hold services or other productive activities. Personnel can feel comfortable while standing behind it and avoid rearranging everything during times of transition.

The movable church service alters allow convenient space-saving relocation in seconds to prevent the facility from spending more on expansion during the renovation. It includes rear cabinets with doors that open wide enough to allow users comfortable item access. Use the spacious interior to keep sacred worship materials or play props organized and handy to speed use during services and performances.

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