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Last updated: June 02, 2021

Modular Drawer Cabinets Improve Organization and Save Space

modular-drawer-shelving-storageAre you currently using plastic bins to store small parts and supplies? While plastic bins seem economical, you may be wasting more space than you’re saving. Modular drawer cabinets offer a more customized solution that can save space and improve your parts organization. 

How Modular Shelving Drawers Work

Modular parts cabinets allow you to store an array of objects, from the smallest parts to office supplies, client files, and more. The drawers in modular cabinets are highly customizable, making it easy for you to store small pieces together in individual sections so you can keep all your parts divided, organized, and easy to find. The drawers also fully extend, so your employees have full access to their contents. 

Massive Space Savings and Increased Productivity 

The customizability of industrial modular cabinets can help you save up to 70% more space when compared to plastic bins. That’s because you can order a cabinet that is the right height for your needs and partition the drawers as you see fit, minimizing wasted space. 

By giving employees fast and easy access to all parts, you can also dramatically improve the productivity of your staff by up to 90% compared to plastic bins. How much time will your employees save by not digging around in plastic bins to find the parts they need? This is what makes modular drawer cabinets so useful to many industries, from automotive shops to hospitals and more.

Protect Your Inventory With Modular Parts Storage 

modular drawer shelving and rousseau modular drawer cabinetsOne more downside to open plastic bins is that anyone can access your valuable inventory. With plastic bins, it’s easy for parts to “walk away” or get lost. A modular drawer storage system comes with a lock, so only trusted employees can open the drawers. As an extra benefit, closed drawers keep out dust and other contaminants that can damage your inventory. For a working example, take a look at our line of Rousseau modular drawer cabinets.

Is It Time to Update Your Parts Storage?

We believe a better-organized inventory can help a business run better, which is why our modular shelving drawers can have such a significant impact on how a business operates. If you want to improve the organization and security of your small parts and improve your employee productivity, it’s time to consider purchasing a modular drawer cabinet from Southwest Solutions. Get a quote today.

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