Wire sliding shelving on tracks maximize floor space

wire sliding shelving on tracksHigh density moving storage system options now include wire sliding shelving on tracks. This hand-push mobile storage system works to save space in much the same way as its alternative choices, including manual, mechanical-assist and powered push-button systems. Its chrome shelves slide along non-corrosive stainless steel and anodized aluminum-made tracks with guidance from the system user, allowing for floor space to be maximized for improved productivity. High density moving storage systems options, like hand-push mobile storage systems, compact your space for maximum use. revit bim models

Hand-push mobile storage system assembly tips

The shelving of this hand-push mobile storage system is easy to assemble. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when installing it for use:

  • Since the units are mobile, it is important to ensure that the wheels of the wire sliding shelving on tracks are positioned within the groove of the track.
  • Also, make sure you load the bottom first to keep the system from tilting.
  • Before loading, test the system’s functionality by sliding the units back and forth on the length of the track.
  • To ensure the weight of the load is distributed evenly throughout the system, store heavier materials closer to the bottom.

For detailed instructions on how to assemble this hand-push mobile storage system, click here.

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Wire sliding shelving on tracks for increased storage capacity

hand push mobile filing systemIn addition, the system is designed to be extended at a later date with additional wire sliding shelving on tracks to make room for more stuff without any hassle. With rolling shelves measuring up to 12-feet long, additional tracks and shelving units can be added to this hand-push mobile storage system at any time to accommodate more storage capacity. Weight capacities for shelving that measures up to 48-inches wide can support up to 800 pounds, per shelf. Wider shelving (anything over 48 inches) can hold a maximum of 600 pounds, per shelf.

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