Levitating Overhead Shelving

warehouse levitating overhead track sliding shelvingOverhead track sliding shelving can be installed in warehouses under pallet racks to save space and improve organization and efficiency, allowing you to regain storage capacity without any building renovations. The shelving systems use pallet racking with shelving systems that are mounted to an overhead track, which “levitates” the shelves above the floor and allows users to slide the sections back and forth to access stored items.

Sliding Shelving Under Pallet Racks

Optimize existing pallet racks instead of standalone shelves that take up extra space. By installing underneath pallet racks, the sliding shelving instantly gives you more capacity without expanding your footprint. Having easy access to storage keeps items such as specialized tools and equipment organized so users can find what they need quickly. This is crucial, for example, when a machine needs repair or maintenance. Employees spend less time searching for tools and moving things out of the way, allowing them to get machines back up and running faster. Spending less time and energy on searching for tools also improves productivity and employee morale.overhead track sliding shelving under pallet racks

Disorganization can also cause stored parts to be damaged or misplaced, leading to reorders, lost productivity, and wasted money. The track sliding shelving allows you to keep all parts organized and ready for retrieval to promote lean manufacturing practices. A variety of accessories allow you to customize each shelving section to your exact needs.

Since the shelves compact together to eliminate wasted aisle space and use your existing pallet racks, you can store more in a smaller footprint without costly building renovations. With the extra space saved from using the sliding shelving under pallet racks, you can use your additional space for more productive activities such as new machinery, assembly lines, additional offices, or other services.

Aesthetics may be one of the last worries on your list, but it can make a big impact on customers if you offer manufacturing tours. Shop floors are often cluttered and dusty, but the sliding shelving keeps everything hidden and organized with a professional and clean design. Since the shelves are mounted on overhead tracks, it’s also easy to clean underneath the shelves to sweep away dust and debris.

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