Modular Lift System Storage for Machine Components

automatic fifo order picking machine componentsA global manufacturer of printed circuit board technology and flat panel displays was seeking a way to increase their efficiency and increase their additional storage capacities and production spaces. Over 16,000 machine components of varying sizes and dimensions needed to be stored efficiency and accessed quickly as needed. Multiple modular lift systems were installed to provide automatic FIFO order-picking for storage of machine components in an efficient space while also increasing productivity, improving storage and retrieval processes, and allowing faster order-picking operations and optimized stock control. Click here to learn more about modular lift systems.

Automatic Order Picking with FIFO

With the move to a new building, the company was able to extend its existing warehouse. They decided to install 19 automatic order-picking machines with two access openings each. To make their processes more efficient, they separated the inbound and outbound goods stations. Incoming goods are stored on the first floor, while all order-picking operations are done on the second floor.

machine components modular lift system storageWarehouse management and picking software handles material requirement planning and inventory of 16,000 articles. Any free space on the trays within the modular life system is used efficiently with the FIFO (first in, first out) order-picking strategy. A user management system grants individual access for security and accountability and guarantees optimal inventory levels.

One of the greatest gains of installing the modular lift system is the increased efficiency it provides. Four modular lifts are logistically combined into one picking zone. An operator simply selects a picking order at one of the zone’s PC workstations, and the machine automatically delivers the trays in the respective lifts to the access opening. Once the orders in a zone have been completed, the operator is guided to the next one. Separating the warehouse into these different zones allows multiple operators to process picking orders and store articles on the same floor and at the same time. Click here to see more benefits of modular vertical lifts.

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