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Last updated: May 14, 2018

Labor & delivery carts ease hospital operating instrument handling & transferal

labor delivery carts removable shelvingLabor and delivery carts fit removable shelving with portable storage to ease hospital instrument handling and transferal to operating rooms. Each features a closed case design with stainless steel construction that promotes cleanliness. It prevents dust and debris buildup to keep items contaminant free during transit, ensuring sanitary use with every surgery. Users must add components that provide safe transport and adjustability to maximize space when completing orders.

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Interior adjustable shelving rolls out with a gentle pull to provide quicker access to sterile items in an emergency. Push handles facilitate smooth system movement through high-traffic areas to speed equipment delivery. Place trays on the convenient worksurface when working to integrate items to allow faster assembly.

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Labor & deliver carts with removable shelving speed cleaning

These labor and delivery carts allow easy removable shelving integration and extraction to speed use and cleaning. Users have some design flexibility and can add either wire, perforated or solid steel shelves when ordering the solutions. While all options help create the most sanitary environment, some also provide efficient ventilation to eliminate moisture from washing and accelerate drying.

Units have other features that enhance function to allow users the most benefit while keeping costs low to ensure affordability. These include:

Construction: Cabinets constructed from 18-gauge Type 300 stainless steel that promotes cleanliness. Top made from reinforced 16-gauge construction with a thicker design that provides dent and ding resistance. All moving parts such as handles, latches, hinges, casters are easily replaceable.

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Shelves: Removable roller pull-out stainless shelves available in wire, perforated, and solid steel designs and adjustable in 2" increments to maximize space efficiency.

Cabinet: Carts have latching 18-gauge steel doors with integrated weep holes to make draining easy. One heavy-duty handle provided on 29" wide cabinets and two handles on 46" and wider cabinets. Interlocking cabinet construction promotes a rigid and quieter cabinet. One letter-size document holder included.

Doors: Double-panel reinforced doors with integral drain system swing open 270 degrees to maximize cabinet space access and promote easy cleaning. Doors feature a positive latch system and spring-loaded nylon rollers to hold doors open.

Bumper: Non-marring wraparound bumper.

Finish: Type 300 stainless steel provides a polished look.

Optional Tamper Seal Hasps: Tamper seal hasps available to ensure an anchor for tamper security seals and provide peace of mind as well as security for sterile applications.

Casters: Stainless steel 6" casters with polyurethane tread minimize noise while moving carts from one place to another. Choose from four swivel casters (two with brakes) or four swivel casters (one with brake and two with swivel locks) that ensure safe transportability.

Assembly: Cabinets ship assembled to speed use, but casters require bolting on to complete installation.

Warranty: Manufacturer's limited one-year warranty.

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