Keypad-access digital day lockers are great addition to the workplace

keypad access digital day lockersThe need for more flexibility in the workplace has significantly contributed to a rise in the number of telecommuting jobs available to today’s workforce. And, due to its growing popularity, businesses have taken an interest in revamping their office space by replacing traditional work stations with informal spaces meant for sharing. Keypad-access digital day lockers are also a great addition to any company looking to better accommodate employees who are required to travel and spend a considerable amount of time working offsite. They serve as a temporary, safe and secure place to store personal belonging and computerized electronics and are especially helpful to employees who are only there periodically to check in with colleagues and do not occupy a desk on a permanent basis. Click here to learn how changes in the workplace created a need for keypad-access digital day lockers.

Programmable storage cabinets are ideal for colleges and universities

These programmable storage cabinets are also ideal for colleges and universities looking for affordable storage solutions to serve their commuter-student population. Because entry to these keypad-access digital day lockers is only activated through the use of a personal pin, access to valuables such as laptops, iPads and cell phones is limited. This provides worry-free convenience, ensuring the user that their possessions will not be tampered with while they are engaged elsewhere. It also gives them the freedom to retrieve items at their leisure. Click here to learn how programmable storage cabinets monitor user activityprogrammable storage cabinets

Monitor user activity with keypad-access digital day lockers

There are many locking options for lockers out on the market today, but keypad-access digital day lockers have extra security built- in. Since these programmable storage cabinets are prompted to open and close by keying in a code, user activity can be more closely monitored by security. In addition, many keypad access digital day lockers have electrical outlets built-in for the added convenience of keeping electronic resources charged and ready to use when you need them. Click here to learn more about keyless digital lockers.

Contact us for keypad-access digital day lockers

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