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Last updated: July 03, 2019

Fully Automated Production Line with Buffer Storage

fully automated production line buffer storageA global technology and industrial leader with a wide range of products, services, and solutions for the automobile and building industries has a warehouse with its production lines for automobile door panels run entirely by robots. The eventual goal was to produce panels and parts at an automated line in three shifts per day. The fully automated production line handles all production steps from providing the door panel sheets to punched and pressed parts. One part of the production line is buffer storage where semi-finished door panels are temporarily stored. Click here to see more automotive storage solutions.

Vertical Lifts with Robotics Automation

To complement the fully automated production line and allow for efficient buffer storage, the warehouse also wanted an automated storage system that would deliver parts to the operating robots and maximize their available storage space. The warehouse chose to install two temperature-controlled vertical lift modules with opposite access openings that would allow two production lines to function at once.

During buffer storage, the unfinished automobile door panels remain for at least one hour to receive their final shape via controlled water absorption. Then, another robot picks the required parts from the opposite access opening and transfers them to the conveyor system in front of the lift. To make buffer storage and conditioning as quick and efficient as possible, the air inside the vertical lifts are kept at 77ºF and 65% humidity. Click here to learn more about automated storage systems.automobile door panels production automated storage

Benefits of installing the vertical lifts for automated production line and buffer storage include:

  • Reduction of storage and retrieval cycle time by 50%
  • 360,000 cars equipped per year with 4 door panels each
  • Stock management, storage periods, and minimum stock control warehouse management system located near machines for easy access
  • Accuracy of robotic gripper handle increased
  • 24/7 service contract with reduced response times provides better customer service

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