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Flat-file library cabinets with glass tops & wheels protect & save space

flat file cabinets glass tops wheelsIn this case study, flexible mobile map and photo display storage or flat-file cabinets with glass tops and wheels protect historical collections and save space. Adapted on casters, systems allow library staff to easily manage relocation in moments when needed. It does not require users to take stored items from the drawers, either. Rather visible monographs and more avoid public handling and damage during transit. Personnel then has the capacity to reconfigure the area and can hold special events there.

Units have a clean and attractive look that matches the stunning architecture and more found throughout the library. Patrons can view and access the protected contents while exploring an area that showcases local history. Other available activities to participate in include:

  • Researching family history.
  • Story sharing.
  • Talking to an Indigenous Elder who tells audiences stories about the Blackfoot people.

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flat file drawer cabinets Holds sheets up to
24" x 36" sheets
Holds sheets up to
30" x 42"
Holds sheets up to
36" x 48"

Mobile map & photo display storage allows patrons collection visibility & access

mobile map photo display storagePersonnel keeps the lockable mobile map and photo display storage drawers open to ensure visitors have full collection access. The visible glass tops keep everything clean and safe during public viewing. Everyone recognizes the displayed items without signage, reducing costs. Have experts integrate the ergonomic pull-handle drawers in a stacked capacity. It ensures maximum space efficiency and protection against dust buildup. Organized collections secured inside then avoid deteriorating and maintain their integrity. 

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