Helping Material Handling Facilities Keep Equipment and People Safe

Safety is one of the biggest concerns that manufacturing plants and distribution warehouses have these days. Keeping both equipment and people safe can be a challenge, but we can help you with our Equipment Machine Guards & Fencing and OSHA Safety Barriers Railings & Shields. We provide many different safety barrier options so that you can make your material handling facility the safest place it can possibly be for employees and your inventory.

Sheet Metal Fencing creates a barrier between machines and offices

Equipment Machine Guards & Fencing Offer Protection and Privacy

Equipment Machine Guards

Equipment Machine Guards keep workers and equipment safe from possible traffic accidents. The Equipment Machine Guards work best for protecting conveyors, robots, strapping machines and automated equipment in your facility. Modular Equipment Machine Guards are made so that you can set up and take down a protected area quickly and efficiently wherever and whenever you need one. The Equipment Machine Guards are made from all steel so they remain durable and require no maintenance, which will save you both time and money.

OSHA Safety Barriers Railings with 2 rails protecting people from hazards

Sheet Metal Fencing

Sheet Metal Fencing provides both privacy and noise reduction between workstations and work aisles. The highly durable Sheet Metal Fencing offers security with optional transparent panels to maintain an open field of vision where required. Incorporating Sheet Metal Fencing into your facility is a great way to divide and secure large spaces in your facility. There are many ways to use the Sheet Metal Fencing so you can create a custom configuration that works best for you.

OSHA Safety Barriers Railings & Shields are Cost-Effective Solutions

OSHA Safety Barriers

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OSHA Safety Barriers will keep your employees out of harm’s way while they are in your facility’s high traffic areas. The OSHA Safety Barriers will also help to indicate safe corridors and limit pedestrian traffic near potentially dangerous areas and equipment. The OSHA Safety Barriers are designed with 2-rail and 3-rail options, which meet both BOCA and OSHA safety regulations.

Pallet Rack Protector Railings guarding racking uprights and aisle ends

Safety Barrier Railings

Safety Barrier Railings enable you to put up a protective barrier between your equipment and your employees to keep everything and everyone safe and secure. Safety Barrier Railings are an easy solution for your peace of mind. Safety Barrier Railings are constructed from the highest quality materials to ensure they are both strong and adaptable.

Pallet Rack Protector Railings

Pallet Rack Protector Railings guard your racking uprights and aisle ends. The Pallet Rack Protector Railings will help eliminate major accidents and costly repairs to your pallet racks while creating a safer environment for your workers. The Pallet Rack Protector Railings are a cost-effective and durable solution for protecting your racking and people.

OSHA Wire Mesh Shields secured to pallet racks as a barrier

Wire Mesh Pallet RAck Shields

Wire Mesh Shields prevent items from accidentally falling off upper pallet locations, keeping workers safe in the event a fork-lift or other in-plant vehicle accidentally bumps into a pallet and causes stored items to fall. In addition, because the Shields are made of wire mesh you can keep your inventory visible while keeping it secure.

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