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Dividable grid containers for industrial healthcare & electronic storage use

dividable grid containers storageHeavy duty dividable grid containers allow use in industrial, healthcare or electronic environments that have storage, assembly, distribution and fabrication applications. Users can add dividers to create customized bin compartments for small to medium parts. Each can accommodate covers that either snap on or lay inside on the rim to keep stored items free from airborne dust and other contaminants that could cause damage.

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Dividable grid containers protect

Users can even combine the dividable grid containers with durable wire shelving or bin carts that have a modular storage design. Either option provides users with an alternative to storing the tubs on the floor, freeing up space to accommodate more productive activities. Those that add dividers can expect to create specialized bins with many compartments fit to meet user needs and store small to medium parts efficiently.

dividers bins compartments parts small mediumThe first arrangement would allow users to create a complete solution that can accommodate many compartment configurations within each bin. Its chrome wire construction requires little maintenance and keeps dust accumulation low to promote cleanliness. Users can depend on the systems to protect stored items from coming in contact with contaminants that threaten to affect their performance. Units can even accommodate a mobile kit which includes four swivel polyurethane casters (two with brakes) that provide safe transportability.

The second arrangement ensures that users have a portable system with more flexibility. Its slide positions allow users to make adjustments on 1" centers, so the units can store assorted bins and/or trays. Users can employ the bin carts to hold and transport goods with greater efficiency. 

The flexible drawer solution allows users to have ample storage space to accommodate smaller specialty components while its open shelf design maximizes the storage area. Users even have the option to integrate accessories such as enclosure panels, dividers, ledges and cart covers that help to increase system flexibility. The dividable grid containers and storage covers come in many ease-to-recognize colors, including clear to ensure visibility.

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