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Last updated: December 31, 2018

Safe & organized bomb or dive suit storage 

explosive disposal squad gear storage cabinetsKeep explosive disposal squad gear like bomb or dive suits in large protective secure lockers to ensure soldiers avoid harm during reconnaissance missions. As a durable solution that allows airflow, it provides cleaner, dryer, and more efficient storage. Units fit security padlocks to prevent material theft and tampering during nonuse, allowing users to feel safe while wearing equipment. Experts can customize the sturdy cabinets with shelves and more to keep items tidy and safe.

Bomb Dive Suit Large Protective Secure Lockers

Designed to protect soldiers from projectiles and more during explosive device disruption or disposal, the big and heavy blast suits can weigh about 80 pounds or more. It can have many components that work in conjunction with one another to safeguard those working on disarming explosives. This includes everything from articulated chest plates and battery pack to earpieces, a jacket with sleeves and more. Dive suits can have a large and complex design too, with assorted components and accessories that protect those completing underwater missions.

bomb dive suit large protective secure lockersHave experts customize the large, protective, and secure lockers with storage accessories such as hanging bars, hooks, shelving, and more. It ensures users' have access to bomb or dive suit storage that keeps explosive disposal squad gear organized.  Locked behind perforated cabinet doors, clean equipment maintains function to ensure wearers' safety. The military gets to protect its investment from loss, damage, or theft while optimizing space.

Here, storage specialists designed a durable storage solution with optimal space to keep this type of equipment safe and organized. The sturdy steel cabinets include hooks, shelves and hanging bars on the inside to help users optimize the space. Systems can accommodate security padlocks that provide efficient protection against material theft and tampering.

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