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Last updated: January 29, 2016

Active Rack Mobile Storage Creates Efficient, Accessible Space

activerac 16p mobile storage 1A lot is expected of men and women who join the armed forces. Living up to those expectations however, can be tough, especially since so much must be sacrificed from the start. This includes learning to survive without the comforts of home. And, while the transition from civilian to military life can be trying at times, there are facilities that work to ensure servicemen and women become successful soldiers. One such facility, however, found that their existing operation could no longer function well enough to provide thousands of soldiers serving in the national guard with adequate clothing and equipment needed in times of war or domestic emergencies. It was a discovery that lead them to rethink how they approached the issue of storage. And, since adding space was out of the question, they needed to find an affordable solution that would allow them to efficiently provide items of necessity to members of the military without sacrificing productivity. After much debate, active rack mobile storage was brought in because it works to create efficient and accessible space in an existing footprint. Watch active rack mobile storage at work. 

How active rack mobile storage works

So how does active rack mobile storage work, exactly? The answer is simple, really. It features movable carriages that are fixed to a rail system connected to the floor. And when the system is prompted to move - either automatically or manually - the carriages condense, creating efficient and accessible space for storage. In addition, since the mobile storage is designed to work with existing applications, the system integrated well with several stationary rows of pallet racking that were already on hand. This kept the facility from exhausting precious time, money, and labor into a reconstruction project. And with the system in place, soldiers were provided with better access to essentials in preparation for active duty, including backpacks, field supplies, parachutes, rations and uniforms. See images for a closer look at how the system works to create efficient and accessible space.

Active Rack mobile storage maximizes storing capacity

works to create efficient and accessible space 2In an effort to maximize storing capacity, a number of vertical filing cabinets were swapped out and replaced with mobile storage units. This served as a more convenient and secure way to store a high volume of records at just a fraction of the cost and in less space needed by conventional storage methods. In addition, the system worked so well that the facility was nearly able to double the storing capacity in an area where pallet racking had been previously used. 

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