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Last updated: October 28, 2020

Pass-Thru Nurse Server for Stocking Supplies

pass thru patient room nurse server cabinetsStocking, re-stocking, and rotating supplies for patients are just one of the many tasks of nurses, who need to provide quality patient care while managing hospital supplies and time efficiently. Pass-thru patient room nurse server cabinets are a secure and efficient solution for exchanging medical supplies, linens, pharmaceutical drugs, liquids, bandage materials, and other items outside the patient room. Click here to see more healthcare storage solutions. Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing.

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Built-in millwork nurse servers are currently a standard solution for many hospitals and are often provided by the manufacturer of the rest of the hospital's cabinetry. Because of this, little consideration is paid to nurse and staff's organizational needs such as how the server will be stocked and re-stocked quickly and without disturbing the patient, the security of contents, and how easily the server can be integrated into hospital workflows.

medical supply exchange carts linens drugs liquidsThe nurse servers are "kitted" from the manufacturer and delivered. It is then placed into a cavity at each patient room. The cabinet can be accessed from the hospital corridor for quick re-stocking without needing to enter the patient's room. From inside the room, the cabinets are stocked with patient supplies for nurses to easily access them. The cabinet is easily customized with a wide variety of full extension bi-directional trays, shelves, linen hampers, and locking medication drawers. Storage can be accessed from either side and remains within fire code compliance when pulled out into the hallway. For re-stocking, after a patient has been discharged, the trays can easily be swapped out of the cabinet and exchanged with fully-stocked trays.

Cabinets can be equipped with key locks, keypad locks, or RFID reader technology to secure stored materials when not in use and to control access to medical supplies. For mobile applications, patient room nurse server wheeled carts are also available to offer the same security and organization in any department.

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