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Last updated: February 23, 2017

High capacity mobile shelving for storing crime scene evidence & property save space

high capacity mobile shelving

Return evidence to where it belongs by outfitting your department's property room with high capacity mobile shelving for storing crime scene evidence and property. Operated by an electronically-controlled push button or a three-spoke handle that turns, it effectively saves valuable floor space by condensing carriages that move into a smaller footprint for increased storage capacity. Click here to watch how high capacity mobile shelving creates effective storage space.

Everything from footwear and trace evidence to latent prints and DNA is collected by a team of investigators and transported to the crime lab for analysis once a crime has been committed. After the evidence has been examined, it is then taken to the property room for safekeeping until further notice. And in there lies the problem. With an overwhelming number of cold cases left unsolved, plus evidence collected from current investigations, property rooms are simply ill-equipped to adequately handle the storing of evidence for extended periods of time because they are not built with an infinite amount of space. The limited or lack of space for keeping evidence and property has become somewhat burdensome for police departments everywhere and has forced them to use off-site facilities just to have efficient storage at their disposal. The extra expense of having to move evidence elsewhere has crippled many department budgets to the point where it is no longer an affordable solution. By no means, however, does this mean that the problem is going to go away. The opposite is actually true, especially since the time frame for holding evidence associated with crimes such as burglary, murder and sexual assault is expected to be extended by state legislators.

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Cost-effective high capacity mobile shelving

This high capacity mobile shelving is already more secure and cost-effective than leasing an off-site facility as storage. This is due to the fact that defects in material and workmanship are backed by a five-year warranty. But for those who need to be certain the shelving is the right solution for storing crime scene evidence and property, here are just a few more reasons why high capacity mobile shelving outranks its competition when it comes to the question of which is a more worthwhile investment:

  • An expanded range of space utilization is achieved because fixed aisles are removed
  • Design configuration is flexible and limited only by the imagination
  • A selection of safety features are available to protect the integrity of evidence and property, as well as the welfare of system users
  • Secure access is also provided
  • The system is ADA compliant, too

Secure high capacity mobile shelving for storing crime scene evidence and property

storing crime scene evidence and propertyIn addition to a lack of space for storing crime scene evidence, property rooms are often so overcrowded that it makes logging inventory nearly impossible. The disorganized state of property rooms make it easy for evidence from one case to be mistakenly logged with evidence from an unrelated case. It also increases the chances that evidence is mislaid, stolen or lost. When this happens, it not only delays efforts for justice, but leaves police departments scrambling to explain the breach in security. Additional precautions to protect the state of evidence and property kept in this high capacity mobile shelving can be taken by simply adding a lock to secure the systems. Not only will it control access to evidence and property stored inside, but also safeguard items against the threat of damage. See high capacity mobile shelving in action. 

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