Personal storage lockers are an essential component of any law enforcement facility. Police officers have plenty of gear to store, including uniforms, body armor, shoes, tactical belts, weapons, ammunition, and more. And while police gear lockers make it easy to keep these materials organized and stored safely when not in use, many police department locker rooms ventilated air flow lockers.

If gear lockers do not have adequate ventilation, the locker room will quickly develop a repulsive odor from sweaty uniforms that never get a chance to dry out. And in addition to the smell, the officers then have to undergo the unpleasant experience of wearing damp body armor and uniforms.

Ventilated uniform lockers solve these problems by allowing airflow to circulate through the lockers and exhausting the air outside the building, thus keeping uniforms dry and eliminating odors in the locker room. Read on to learn more about how ventilated uniform lockers work, additional features of the lockers, and the benefits of a ventilated locker system. (Check out all of our public safety storage solutions here.)

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How Ventilated Air Flow Lockers Work

Police uniform air flow lockersVentilated air flow lockers integrate into the facility’s HVAC system using ductwork concealed within the sloped hood atop the lockers. The ductwork consistently circulates air through the lockers, drying out any damp clothes or gear. The ducts inside the locker sloped hoods extract the air from the lockers using the HVAC system and vent it outside the building.

Additional Features

Electrical Outlets

Each ventilated storage locker includes a duplex electrical outlet, allowing officers to charge their phones, radios, and other electronic equipment they might store in their lockers. The plug-and-play electrical wiring runs through the sloped top of the lockers, which keeps the conduit protected and out of sight. See budget pricing for police air flow lockers.


Ventilated lockers can be integrated with an indirect or diffused lighting system to increase the light quality of the locker room. The lighting fixtures are installed upside-down on top of the lockers to create an indirect lighting effect.

Bench Drawer

Ventilated locker storage for policeVentilated lockers can also include an external access drawer at the base of the locker, with the option of a built-in benchtop. The solid butcher block maple bench is durable and appealing. The drawer provides additional storage for police gear, while the bench provides convenience when putting on gear. The drawer is louvered to facilitate ventilation and includes a sliding ventilation rack inside. The drawers automatically lock and unlock with the locker door.

Interior Storage Components

The ventilated storage lockers are available in various custom configurations, with a range of adjustable accessories for storing various items. Interior storage accessories include a garment hanger rod that separates clothes for better drying, adjustable shelves, internal drawers, a duty belt hook, a boot tray, and a lockbox to store pistols and ammunition securely.

Benefits of Ventilated Uniform Lockers

Keep Uniforms Dry & Eliminate Odors

The primary benefit of ventilated uniform lockers is that the air circulation system removes moisture from the lockers and keeps stored uniforms dry. The air circulation improves hygienics by eliminating unpleasant odors from sweaty garments and ensuring that officers do not have to wear damp uniforms.

Protect Gear

Air flow lockers for law enforcement

The ventilated lockers are durable, long-lasting solutions made of heavy-gauge steel, and they are available with three locking options: padlock hasp, keyed lock, or combination lock. The range of adjustable storage accessories allows custom configuration for optimal item storage. And the ventilation system ensures that stored items stay dry, alleviating the risk of moisture damage.


Ventilated uniform lockers are highly functional and make the most available storage space. With the help of the range of available storage components, an officer can safely and efficiently store all types of gear within their locker.

Aesthetically Pleasing

A ventilated locker system improves the locker room atmosphere by eliminating odors, but it can also be aesthetically pleasing. The sloped locker top concealed the ventilation and electrical systems, making the entire locker system look simple and clean. Additionally, a chimney structure conceals additional visible components at the end of each locker row, such as the electrical junction box and mechanical air extraction fan. The added option of indirect lighting puts the finishing touch on the appealing locker room aesthetic.

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