Document Scanning Technology as a Tool for paperless office transition

document scanning technologyOrganizations that get past any initial resistance to a paperless office transition – fondness for paper, concerns about compliance, employee resistance – will have another hurdle if they begin looking for a technology “solution” before they have identified their unique needs for the document scanning project. They need to realize that technology is a tool – not a solution. Document scanning technology, automated workflows, and cloud storage are all tools that may contribute to the paperless office transition, but that cannot be determined until an organization identifies its needs. Learn more about high-speed document scanning services.

Identifying Needs & Evaluating Reasons for Paperless Office Transition

Despite the benefits of document scanning technology (for both current and back-file collections), organizations should not aim to go paperless in one shot. It is critical for them to evaluate what files, perhaps even what specific documents, will address their core objectives. For example, an organization may determine that scanning executed contracts is the solution to their need to provide access to multiple users or for reducing resources dedicated to researching these contracts before executing new ones. For organizations that don’t have those needs, scanning executed contracts may not be a good solution.

That is why it is important to bring all stakeholders into the needs analysis at its inception. This fosters a culture of informed decision-making, prevents lengthy and duplicative processes – including the need to “sell” the concept of document scanning technology to some stakeholders after decisions have been made – and ensures alignment with high-level objectives.

paperless office transition

Key Decision Points for a Paperless Office transition

Important factors for deciding to convert paper information to a digital format with document scanning technology include whether it:

  • Solves operational issues, such as providing access to multiple users or to remote users
  • Allows the information to be used in innovative ways
  • Provides opportunities for operational improvement and efficiencies
  • Makes it less expensive to use and preserve during its projected life cycle
  • Aligns with the Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles©

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