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The Solution for Efficiently Storing Boats, Kayaks and Canoesvertical lifts maximize boat storage space

College athletic departments, metropolitan parks, water resorts, and sporting good stores all have one thing in common: the need to store boats. People want to participate in activities like boating, rowing, kayaking, and canoeing, and the only way they can is with the right equipment. Finding a way to store all these types of boats can be challenging because they take up a significant amount of space and are awkward to work around and move, which can lead to lost productivity and damages. Overhead vertical lifts are designed to efficiently store all kinds of boats including sweep boats, sculling boats, kayaks, canoes, and more.

Benefits to Use Overhead Vertical Lifts for Boat Storage

storing boats kayaks and canoes on rollaway racks

The overhead vertical lifts allow you to store your boats up near the ceiling instead of on the floor. You can take advantage of unused overhead space and turn it into productive storage space. The overhead vertical lifts keep boats out of the way yet easily accessible.

With just the push of a button, the lift will deliver your boats right to you, and they will all be at just the right height for loading and unloading. Pushing the button again will send them back up to the ceiling so that your floors and aisles remain open and clear.

Keeping your boats, kayaks, and canoes in the overhead vertical lift ensure that they will be out of the way and protected from people touching, bumping, or scratching them. An added benefit to storing boats overhead is the built in security. Casual theft is discouraged when they are stored overhead. This is an ideal solution for seasonal boat storage as well because swapping out inventory is easy.

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Additional Rollaway Carts for Storing Boats, Kayaks & Canoes

boat lift cart size available

The overhead boat lift also comes with a rollaway cart (that can also be purchased separately from the lift). The cart allows you to keep the stored boats together and transport them wherever they need to go. It has big smooth rolling wheels that you can lock into place. The carts are 83″x110″x51″ (please refer to image at the right).

For example, you can keep the boats stored on the cart and roll it onto your retail sales floor to show off your in-house inventory. This lets your customers see and touch their boat without anyone having to strain themselves maneuvering one from the back room on a dolly.

Contact Us for Help Storing Boats, Kayaks & Canoes

Southwest Solutions Group® provides design and installation services for overhead vertical lifts to college athletic departments, metropolitan parks, water resorts, sporting good stores, and any business that needs to store boats. Contact us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message to speak with a specialist today about storing your boats, kayaks and canoes.

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