Cantilever Shelving and Wall Mounted Racks for Chicago Librariescantilever library book storage shelving chicago illinois

It’s a fact; libraries are changing. Long gone are the days when you would visit the library to check out a book or look through microfiche while the librarian tells you to be quiet. Today’s libraries are becoming information and technology hubs. Students gather in meeting rooms or sit on couches while playing on the latest smart phone or tablet. Librarians are training people how to use computers and helping them apply for jobs. And everyone is in line at the coffee shop waiting to get their drink. Of course libraries still have books they need to store, but more than ever, those books need to fit into the architecture of the library and meld form and function like never before. Fortunately, we can help by providing libraries in Chicago with Cantilever Shelving & Wall Mounted Racks for book storage that will meet all of their needs. (view images of Cantilever Shelving & Wall Mounted Racks)

Features and Specifications of Cantilever Shelving & Wall Mounted Racks for Library Book Storage

cantilever shelving in school library chicago illinoisOur Cantilever Shelving & Wall Mounted Racks are not only attractive, they are also very strong. The shelving and racks will easily adjust to store all types of books, newspapers, pictures, journals, maps, multimedia, and boxes. 

Cantilever Shelving & Wall Mounted Racks are available in numerous sizes to meet your specific requirements. They come in both 30″ and 36″ widths to fit any wall length within 6″. The wall posts come in several standard heights of 66”, 78”, 84”, and 90” high, or you can have the posts cut to meet your unique requirements. The Cantilever Shelving & Wall Mounted Racks easily adjust vertically on 1″ increments for optimal storage flexibility and maximum space efficiency. With a variety of colors and finish options, our shelving and racks will match any décor.wall mounted racks for library book storage chicago illinois

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Whether your library’s book storage needs are small or large, simple or complex, standard or custom, we will work closely with you to fully understand and fulfill your specific requirements. Contact us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message to speak with one of our library specialists in Chicago about Cantilever Shelving & Wall Mounted Racks.