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Stainless steel medical wall cabinets prevent infection

stainless steel medical wall cabinetsGerms spread quickly. And, although washing your hands is highly recommended for good hygiene, it may not be enough to prevent infection from growing. As a measure of extra precaution, consider investing in stainless steel medical wall cabinets. This OR surgical storage with glass doors is proven to stop viruses caused by bacteria, fungi and mold before they start. This is because it features a coating of antimicrobial protected paint. Once applied to the surfaces of the stainless steel medical wall cabinets, an additive present in the paint keeps microbes from multiplying by taking these three steps:

  • First, it attacks the cell wall. This causes suffocation.
  • Cell metabolism is then interrupted, causing starvation.
  • Sterilization for preventing cell reproduction happens last.

It ensures the health of patients, who may already have a weakened immune system, is not put at risk for any further deterioration. It also keeps those who are healthy from getting sick. In addition to stainless steel medical wall cabinets, we also offer more products designed to control the spread of infection. Click here for more details

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OR surgical storage with glass doors for productivity

or surgical storage with glass doorsItems stored inside are clearly visible, thanks to this OR surgical storage with glass doors. For this reason, it provides access to what is needed with increased convenience and allows for retrieval to occur with improved accuracy and ease. As a result, environments that run at faster paces - including hospitals and health clinics - are able to maintain the standard level of intensity expected of them in an emergency, without sacrificing efficiency when treating patients. This, in turn, will lead to a boost in productivity.

Stainless steel medical wall cabinets for optimal space usage

In addition, these stainless steel medical wall cabinets do not add to existing space constraints when it come to the issue of storage. This is because this OR surgical storage with glass doors is recessed into a finished wall for optimal space utilization. Available in several configurations, they can be also be used to accommodate maximum storage capacity with ease. Adjustable shelving components allow you to make modifications as your storage needs change. Buy stainless steel cabinets and other healthcare products online.

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