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Do more with smart automated storage lockers

smart automated storage lockersSmart automated storage lockers help establish a secure chain of custody when it comes to the efficiency of mail distribution. They can also serve as storage for dry cleaning, floral bouquets and grocery items. With all that this locker system with automatic operation can do, there is no telling how useful it could be in the future. In fact, systems of similar design have been used to fulfill a variety of different business needs. It was used by a national retailer for the purpose of making it easier for customers to receive goods they had purchased online. One company even tested its flexibility by using it as storage for facilitating better practices when it came to managing critical assets. This would include handheld electronics such as radio headsets, scanners, smart phones and tablets. They have also been used overseas as a means of improving how postal packages are handled and made available to customers. Each of these examples offer proof that these smart automated storage lockers can be looked to when a boost in productivity is needed.revit bim models

How locker system with automatic operation works

Using this locker system with automatic operation is as easy as renting a DVD from a kiosk located outside your favorite retail store. And everything is done electronically for enhanced security. Delivery items needing to be stored are logged into the system using the touch screen provided. Afterwards, they are deposited inside a secure locker for safekeeping until picked up. The intended recipient is then notified of the delivery by email or text message. The notification includes the location of where the delivery can be collected, as well as an accessible pin code, which must be entered on the touch screen at the time of retrieval.  To open the locker and retrieve delivered items, simply follow the prompts on the touch screen. These smart automated storage lockers are great for university campuses and apartment complexes. (Watch video)

Added benefits to using smart automated storage lockers

locker system with automatic operationIn addition to increased productivity, there are many other ways to benefit from using these smart automated storage lockers. Some of these include:

  • Enhance system accountability, usage and performance with real-time auditing
  • Retrofit flexibility allows for the locker system with automatic operation to be easily integrated for use with existing systems
  • User-friendly LCD touch screen interface provides convenient 24/7 access
  • Versatility level allows for the system to blend well with your environment, while also meeting specific workflow requirements
  • Productivity levels are also managed more effectively, improving the efficiency of operations and lowering costs

 For more about this locker system with automatic operation, including an overview of frequently asked questions, click here

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