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Bathroom urinal screens for wet areas ensure aesthetically-pleasing renovation

phenolic restroom toilet partitions

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Phenolic restroom toilet partitions feature durable construction that can withstand heavy use in many environments. This includes academic campuses, stadiums or parks and rest areas with ample foot traffic and limited maintenance staff on hand. The bathroom urinal screens have Class A or B fire ratings and allow users to remove permanent marker with ease. It means the solution can avoid stains which wreck its appearance while causing cosmetic damage that costs money to fix. Units even provide efficient protection against moisture and come in many attractive colors that add a polished look with pleasing aesthetics to any space. These qualities make the systems an attractive choice to use in wet areas which require renovation and have limited personnel available to supervise the activity that occurs in such places.

Features for phenolic restroom toilet partitions

bathroom urinal screens wet areas renovationThe phenolic restroom toilet partitions have many other attractive features and benefits that add value to make system purchase worthwhile. Among them are:

  • Made from solid hard dense material with the highest durability that can last and requires little maintenance
  • Leeds Certificate available
  • Surfaces can resist graffiti and allow users to wash away permanent marker with household cleaners
  • Surfaces provide efficient protection against chemicals and do not absorb odor, break, or rust
  • Twenty-five-year warranty against delamination, warpage, and corrosion

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