Ergonomic Archival Map & Art Graphics Storage Organizes & Protects

flat file drawer cabinets high base shelvingFlat file drawer cabinets on high base shelving create archival map and art graphics storage that stand at an ergonomic height. Units are ideal to use in museums, but versatile enough to suit other applications. This includes architectural firms with draftsman and engineers who must maintain CAD plan drawings and more.

Integrate optional partition components and create a custom solution with separate space to organize and protect valued work. Those that require more material security can add optional locks that come with two keys to ensure twice the protection. It helps deter improper handling or tampering and theft from users not authorized to have access. Systems have label holders located on each drawer front that help to create instant organization. Users can refer to each when needing fast and efficient direction to find stored materials.

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Flat file drawer cabinets on high base shelving save space

Use the flat file drawer cabinets space-efficient high base bottom shelving area to store and organize project binders. Storing these items in a standing position with spines out helps ease retrieval when users need quick access. Lay each flat and pile one on top of the other to maximize vertical stackability and space.

Users must purchase components used to construct the archival map and art graphics storage separate from one another. Pairing the two ensures users save productive floor space and have ergonomic access to collections. Employees avoid physical pain from bending down and keep up a healthy lifestyle while working.

Construction: Cabinets feature 22-gauge steel construction durable enough to ensure reliable service through the years. Drawers made from 20-gauge steel provide added strength to ensure lasting use. Components such as metal depressors and rear hoods keep stored documents flat to preserve the integrity and ensure organization.

Locks: Optional security locks come with two keys to maximize protection against material tampering and theft

Drawer Dividers: Optional shelf-stick dividers measuring 11″ long come 20 per carton and allow use with 5-drawer flat file cabinets only.

Flat File Capacities:

  • The 10 Drawer Flat File Capacities – Each drawer features a 100-sheet vellum storage capacity with a 20lb. weight capacity (weight being evenly distributed)
  • Five Drawer Flat File Capacities – Each drawer can accommodate up to a 200-sheet vellum storage capacity with a 40lb. weight capacity (weight being evenly distributed)

Label Holders: Label holders located on each drawer front help provide instant organization

Assembly: Systems ship partially assembled to ease installation and allow faster use. The cabinet shell comes assembled while drawers require some assembly.

Finish: Powder coat finish available in standard and optional colors that add pleasing aesthetics

Warranty: One-year manufacturer’s limited warranty


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flat file drawer cabinets Holds sheets up to
24″ x 36″ sheets
Holds sheets up to
30″ x 42″
Holds sheets up to
36″ x 48″
Holds sheets up to
41″ x 26″
Holds sheets up to
50″ x 39″
Holds sheets up to
60″ x 47″
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