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Last updated: June 12, 2019

Cost effective modular medical casework & furniture

modular medical casework and furnitureA pediatric clinic offering patient care from three separate locations wanted to furnish their newest office space with medical casework and furniture that would allow them to serve their patients better. It also needed to function at a level of increased performance, which would enable the staff to handle their patient volume with added efficiency. Health needs for over 200 people were taken care of on a daily basis. Custom-designed modular medical casework and furniture fit the rooms of the clinic, perfectly. The clinic cabinetry and work surfaces effectively met their needs at a cost-savings of about one-quarter that of what it would of, if they had opted for an alternative. Modular medical casework and furniture is just one way these furnishings can be used. Click here for reasons why you should choose modular medical casework.

Adaptable clinic cabinetry & work surfaces allow for added productivity

Designed as modular medical casework and furniture, the clinic cabinetry and work surfaces were easy to adapt when it came to accommodating the needs of kids. Easy-to-pull-out steps allowed for improved access to tables in the exam rooms. Other features such as head pillows and table cushions helped to establish improved comfort. When added together, these design modifications simplified the children's participation to where it was manageable for them. The doctors were able to be more productive when working with them, as a result.

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Flexible modular medical casework & furniture for improved space usage

clinic cabinetry and work surfacesThe range of flexibility this modular medical casework and furniture has also allowed for a better utilization of space to be realized. Lab areas with the clinic cabinetry and work surfaces were able to handle workflow conditions with added efficiency, as a result. Modular organizers for active documents and desks located at the nurses' station were also very effective when it came to charting. It allowed for the requirements associated with handling such a high volume of patients to be better managed. Click here for more modular medical casework applications

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