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Last updated: March 12, 2019

Adjustable warehouse shipping area benches promote ergonomics improving workflow

manual ada compliant packing stationsAs height adjustable warehouse shipping area benches, these manual ADA compliant packing stations improve ergonomics in the workplace. Industrial technicians can raise or lower the work surface to create comfortable working conditions. Able to go from sitting and standing in an instant, users avoid feeling stiff as the day progresses. Rather, personnel has more energy to focus on work and avoid making mistakes due to fatigue. Allowing employees safe access to work equipment can lead facilities to have fewer on-site injuries. Industrial workplaces than have efficient manpower on hand to manage workflow demands.

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Manual ADA compliant packing stations

Able to adapt the manual ADA compliant packing stations, staff with or without disabilities make fewer physical motions while working. Everyone avoids getting injured or feeling too tired to complete productive activities. Flexible enough to accommodate many users, facilities can use fewer systems and save on equipment costs. Some models, including ones with electric operation, can have wheels with the mobile flexibility to save space. Integrated shelving accessories help keep packing materials and tools organized, allowing users to maintain clean work areas.

Construction: Heavy-duty framework made from 7 to 18-gauge steel durable enough to provide reliable service that lasts.

Bench Legs: Cantilevered telescoping legs promote ergonomic use.

Worksurface: Design includes 1-1/8" engineered particleboard with GP50 high-pressure laminate on top of backer sheet to make a nominal 1-1/4" thick panel. It features a 2mm radius edge with high impact-resistant 3mm thick PVC edging that adds durability.

Electric Benches:

  • Cord length measures 10'
  • Linear actuator with integral limit switches, 24 VDC low voltage control
  • 1/2" per second travel time by hand switch control (mounted right front)

Manual Benches: Height adjustment made while pulling plunger knob to unlock legs and then turning to adjust the height

adjustable warehouse shipping area benchesBench Height: Heavy-duty steel framework

  • Users can adjust manual work surfaces anywhere from 29.5" to 44.5" to create ergonomic working conditions. Able to set bench uprights to 33" or 42".
  • Users can adjust electric work surface anywhere from 29.5" to 45.5". Able to set bench uprights to 33" or 42"
  • Lights add 2" to 5" depending on how they are mounted.

Finish: Choice of epoxy powder coat paint finish; work surface standard is gray (other colors available with a longer ship time and/or added cost)

Assembly: Systems ship unassembled.

Weight Capacity: Manual benches have a 1,100 lbs. weight capacity (capacities based on evenly distributed loads).

Compatibility: ADA Compliant; Designed to meet ANSI/HFS 100-1988.

Warranty: Five-year manufacturer's limited warranty

Made in the USA

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