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Attractive counter high library shelves & casegoods save space

counter high library shelves casegoods reference book storage workstation standsCounter high library shelves and casegoods provide reference book storage workstation stands built to an ergonomic working height. It provides students and researchers with a convenient place to read through academic journals and more right on premises. Experts designed the space-saving solution as an alternative to using tables and chairs. Continue reading to learn how university scholars and others benefit from using it.

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While constructing a new learning center on campus, the planning team wanted to include easy-to-access, ready to use "desks" among the reference stacks. Apart from providing convenience, the right solution needed to save space and replace traditional seating. Experts worked with staff to design a practical option that meets these needs and integrates with the interior design.

It includes counter high library shelves and casegoods that look and function like other stacks, but smaller in scale to ensure easier access and more convenient use. Integrated with taller shelves that have the same attractive look, systems save space and allow facilities to avoid investing in tables and chairs. Organized reference materials stand on shelves with spines facing out to allow easier title reading, keeping the work surface free. It ensures students have the space to work from a comfortable standing position.

Reference book storage workstation stands promote productivity

As a thoughtful, convenient, and attractive solution, reference book storage workstations stands allow students to work on assignments with more efficiency. Use the large counter space to store assorted educational materials on a temporary basis. It ensures scholars have everything near enough to complete tasks with increased effectiveness. As an alternative, researchers can use the same versatile area to take notes or pictures of passages in books or journals. 

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