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Cantilever shelving, high capacity mobile storage create space for library programming

cantilever shelvingA library wanted to establish itself as a better resource in the community it served, especially since their population had dramatically increased. To be a bigger presence, however, staff at the library local to the county knew a new book repository was needed. So revenue raised from years of fundraising, as well as funds saved by county government, were used for grants to help pay for a new building to be constructed. It needed to be spacious enough to display the growing collection of books the library had in its possession. And since the previous shelving made the existing 9,000 square-foot library feel cramped and uncomfortable, it also needed to include storage that was anything other than traditional. After working with a group of architects, the library found what they had been looking for in the form of cantilever shelving and high capacity mobile storage. Because both solutions can be modified to accommodate change, inventory could be moved around easier. This provided additional flexibility to create space for library programming specifically geared towards children and teens. Watch how easy cantilever shelving is to assemble.

Adaptable cantilever shelving creates space for library accessories

high capacity mobile storageTo further accommodate the cluster of kids that visited the library with their parents, cantilever shelving was fitted with storage bins built and added specifically to match the height of the children browsing them. This made the books stored there more accessible to users and encouraged kids to read them. It also made the process of searching for books more fun and engaging for the children. In addition, because cantilever shelving is highly adaptable, the design works perfectly to create space for library accessories that enhance the book-browsing experience for the young and old.

High capacity mobile storage maximizes usable space

Even with the addition of the cantilever shelving, there was still more than enough room left over for the library to use high capacity mobile storage for the safe keeping of less-accessed materials. Thanks to its innovative design and ability to move, it worked perfectly to create space for library office and program supplies. This was accomplished because of how the systems works. As it moves, its carriages compact, eliminating the need for excess aisles and revealing ample space for storing more in the same place, but in less space. Because the system takes up less room than traditional storage methods, the library was able to make good use of the space they had because it had increased to more than double the original size. In addition, by the using the high capacity mobile storage, the library more than tripled the amount of people it saw in a day. See high capacity mobile storage in action. create space for library

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