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Last updated: March 12, 2019

Drafting tables with tilting drawing boards & tool drawers promote ergonomics

advertising agency art desks

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Advertising agency art desks or drafting tables with tilting drawing boards and tool drawers organize supplies while promoting user comfort. Able to angle the work surface up to 50 degrees, staff avoids putting excess strain on the body. Personnel has improved visibility and access to projects while sitting or standing, keeping everyone safe and healthy.

Advertising agency art desks support productivity

Pick from advertising agency art desks that come with or without convenient, key locking storage that keeps items organized and safe. Models with these features ensure personnel avoids leaving unused equipment out on the counter. Employees then have efficient access to clean and tidy workspace and can meet production demands. Spit-top options have separate space to store computers, ensuring users can access technology while creating campaign storyboards.

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