Mezzanine platforms are commonly found in warehouses and other industrial settings since they efficiently increase floor space. However, safety should always be a top priority when dealing with mezzanines. Mezzanine safety gates are essential for any mezzanine platform, as they protect people, products, and machinery from falls.

This article will discuss:

  • Why do you need a mezzanine gate?
  • How to choose the right mezzanine gate
  • Types of mezzanine safety gates

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Why Do You Need a Mezzanine Gate?

Mezzanine Safety Gates

Mezzanine safety gates are necessary because they provide a safety barrier that protects individuals from falls. Accidents and falls from mezzanine levels can cause severe injuries or even fatalities. In addition to protecting people, safety gates also protect products and machinery from falling from the mezzanine and potentially causing damage or injury. Visit our online store.

How to Choose the Right Mezzanine Gate

When choosing a mezzanine safety gate, there are a few factors that you should consider, including:

  • Facility requirements – Consider which mezzanine gate best suits your facility’s operations and available space; for example, whether the gate should be compatible with overhead equipment, forklifts, rack-supported pick modules, etc.
  • Type of mezzanine – The type of mezzanine you have can affect the type of safety gate you need. Read our full article on the types of mezzanines we offer.
  • Opening mechanism – The opening mechanism of the safety gate should be easy for your personnel to operate and not require significant physical exertion.
  • Compliance with safety regulations – The safety gate you choose should comply with local safety regulations and standards.
  • Ease of installation – The safety gate should be easy to install and not require significant modifications to your mezzanine floor.

Types of Mezzanine Safety Gates

Pivot Safety Gate

The pivot safety gate is one of the most common types of mezzanine gates. The mezzanine safety pivot gate provides a perimeter railing for fully protected loading and unloading. It also provides maximum installation flexibility, as the width can be cut to fit at your facility.
Materials safety gate mezzanine
The mezzanine pivot gate consists of two halves with a single pivot in the center. Both halves can lift to open the gate. When one side is lifted, the other side pivots closed. This affords protected mezzanine access for forklifts and personnel, preventing people or equipment from falling from the mezzanine. An integral kickplate provides further fall protection.

  • Variable width: 3′ to 10′
  • Height clearance: 6’1″
  • Depth: 81″
  • Meets OSHA safety standards, IBC codes, and ANSI MH28.3-2009 Standard


Double-Drop Gate

The double-drop mezzanine gate consists of two interconnected sliding gates that provide alternating access to two loading bays. When one gate slides open, the opposite gate slides closed, ensuring that ledges are always enclosed. This allows mezzanine personnel to safely unload one bay while a forklift operator loads the other bay. The double-drop gate is an excellent solution for uninterrupted loading and unloading for facilities with high-cycle forklift use.
double drop mezzanine gate
Double-drop gate specifications:

  • Installation footprint: 13’8” L x 5’5” W x 42” H
  • Two 5′ x 5′ pallet loading bays
  • Meets OSHA safety standards, IBC codes, and ANSI MH28.3-2009 Standard

Overhead Gate
The overhead mezzanine gate occupies a small footprint but can accommodate tall pallet loads. Gates move up and down and are easy to lift and operate. When one side opens, the other side automatically closes.

Overhead mezzanine gates include several design features for safety and ease of use. For example, a spring assist slows the gate descent to mitigate the risk of foot injuries. An integral kickplate ensures that objects cannot fall off the mezzanine. Coated cables afford a smooth and quiet operation, and track guarding protects the system from damage during loading and unloading.

Overhead gate specifications:

  • Installation footprint: 65” W x 65” D x 98” H
  • Pallet clearance: 57.5” W x 60” D x 82” H
  • Meets OSHA safety standards, IBC codes, and ANSI MH28.3-2009 Standard

Pallet Drop Zone Gate
mezzanine safety pivot gate
The pallet drop zone gate functions like the mezzanine pivot gate—when one side lifts, the other side pivots closed—but it has multiple pivot points. This provides an extended swing radius that allows the safety gate to accommodate taller and wider loads.

The pallet drop zone gate can be installed as a freestanding unit or mounted to rack uprights. These industrial safety gates include expanded metal side panels customizable to your size requirements. Single or dual pallet (double width) options are available.

Pallet drop zone gate specifications:

  • Widths: 4′ to 12′
  • Depth: 54″
  • Height clearance: 86″
  • Custom sizes available
  • Optional 45.75″-deep drop zone plate to protect the deck surface
  • Meets OSHA safety standards

Pick Module Safety Gate

The pick module safety gate contains a full-height mesh safety netting to keep objects from falling from the mezzanine. This mezzanine gate features a trackless steel cable and pulley mechanism that raises and lowers the netting. When one side of the netting lifts, the other simultaneously lowers. Like the overhead safety gate, the pick module gate can accept tall loads in a small footprint.

The pick module safety gate can be installed as a freestanding unit or attached to rack uprights. It bolts into existing holes in the rack uprights for easy installation; no drilling is needed. A toeboard is included to prevent object falls.mezzanine safety swing gate

Pick module safety gate specifications:

  • Width clearance: 96″
  • Height clearance: 96″
  • Rack depth: 60″
  • Includes eight bolt-on rack-mounted brackets (four front, four rear)
  • Includes two net sections (one front, one rear) made of high-tenacity polypropylene (HTPP) fiber
  • Meets OSHA safety standards and IBC codes

Pallet Gates

Are you looking for a simpler, more economical mezzanine gate? A wide selection of basic pallet gates is available, with manual and self-closing options. Manual pallet gates can be equipped with a gate alarm to alert personnel if the gate is left open.

mezzanine pallet gates

Pallet gate options include:

  • Swing gate
  • Slide gate
  • Finger gate
  • Impact gate
  • Vertical pivot gate
  • Tilt gate
  • Lift-out gate

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