Do more with XTend high-bay archival shelving system

xtend high bay archival shelving systemA world-class university with more than 40 campus libraries, who receives more than 400,000 visitors a year, was looking to make better use of a nearby warehouse they occupied by installing a storage solution. It needed to be of adequate proportions and size and built to comfortably fit a vast collection of rare books, manuscripts, and thesis works. Implementing one such solution, an XTend® high-bay archival shelving system, meant the university could accommodate those wishing to access physical resources like archives for doing research. However, it also provided the freedom to reinvent space, creating room for more, including computer-enhanced learning facilities, study areas and updated library services. Watch the XTend high-bay archival shelving system at work. Available on Sourcewell State Cooperative Purchasing Contract

XTend high-bay archival shelving system uses space better

With the XTend high-bay archival shelving system in place, the university could reinvent space and create room for more, making full use of the building’s capacity without overextending its resources to accommodate its growing inventory of materials. Taking full advantage of the existing footprint was possible because the XTend high-bay Archival shelving System has 12 carriages that move, each measuring 18.5’ in height and just over 60’ in length. It also features three movable bays that serve as storage for materials. Items stored inside the bays can be easily retrieved with the assistance of several carts made to fit a warehouse order picker. In addition, because the XTend high-bay archival shelving system is mobile, access and reach-ability of more than 5,300 shelves is at the operator’s disposal at any given time just by pressing a button.

Be efficient with XTend high-bay archival shelving system

high bay xtend archival system shelvingThe carts used to assist in the retrieval of materials located in the bays of the XTend High-Bay Archival Shelving System, work in a dual capacity. In addition to helping to remove and add items from the XTend High-Bay Archival Shelving System, the carts also serve as an extra work space, where items can be loaded and uploaded while its operator remains in the picker. This allows for pickers to work more efficiently and get more done in less time. For a better look at the Xtend high-bay archival shelving system, (see images).

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