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Last updated: September 24, 2020

What are Low-Profile Cable Management Access Floors?

Low-profile cable management access floors lay over existing floors to accommodate electrical, data, and voice cabling routing. The integrated cabling method takes the place of overhead cable trays and vertical poles, eliminating the need for cutting trenches in concrete. The low-profile floor provides a 2" space between the existing floor and the access floor to manage wires and cables. Accessing cables and wires for any reason is simple—just lift the panel.

Removing the Bottlenecks of Managing Cables and Wiring

low profile cable management access floorsManaging an integrated cable system using low-profile flooring removes bottlenecks for your project and makes it easier to maintain. Typically, all the electrical wiring, HVAC, lighting, and other cabling are in the ceiling. Low-profile access floors remove the cabling from the ceiling bottleneck to the floor, providing a better way to manage your cabling. Access flooring also eliminates those unsightly vertical cabling poles that make remodeling and moving workstations more difficult in the future. In addition to making the installation more straightforward, the result will look better. Wires are neatly organized under the floor, allowing our finished floor to look great!

What are the Benefits of Cable Management Access Floors?

Installing cable management access floors' benefits are apparent compared to overhead cable management and traditional raised flooring systems, including:

  • Eliminates safety and tripping hazardsbenefits of low profile cable access floors
  • Requires no specialist knowledge or expertise to install
  • Quicker project completion time
  • Aesthetically appealing compared to vertical cable management poles
  • Access floors can be carpeted
  • Easy to modify and less disruption to staff when rearranging or remodeling office (mess-free)
  • Access floor can move with you
  • Cost less than overhead cabling
  • Completely customizable and scalable
  • No concrete trenching, cutting, or coring
  • Lower profile than traditional raised floors
  • Completely recyclable 

Where is Cable Management Access Floors Used?

Access floors are a perfect solution for any business that wants to manage cables and wiring efficiently. Some applications include:

  • Office Space
  • Command Centers
  • Schools
  • Libraries
  • Data Centers
  • EMS Centers
  • Retail Facilities

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