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Automated Heavy Material Handling Systems for Wellhead Valve Equipment storage

wellhead valve storage for oilfield industry equipment

According to the National Safety Council, industries in the United States are losing more than $336 billion a year to workers' injuries and workers' compensation. In 2007 alone, 7 out of 100 workers in warehousing and storage suffered on-the-job injuries (Bureau of Labor Statistics). And this doesn't even include worker deaths, which places warehouse work in the top 100 deadliest jobs. Because of these statistics, it's important to have reliable automated heavy material handling systems, especially for wellhead valve equipment storage for oil field industries.

Material Handling Systems improving work safety

Automated heavy material handling systems improve worker safety and reduce costs associated with worker compensation claims. The shuttles can be integrated with overhead cranes and forklifts to load pallets, and the shuttle automatically vertically stores and retrieves loaded trays with the push of a button. Wellhead valves can easily be stored for tests and repairs without the need to put workers in danger. Since the vertical shuttle is completely automated, it eliminates the need for excessive lifting and bending, and also reduces the amount of walking required for workers since the wellhead valve equipment can be contained in one convenient machine.

automated heavy material handling systems for oilfield equipment

other benefits of wellhead Valve equipment Material Handling systems

In addition to improving worker safety and ergonomics, there are numerous other benefits of an automated heavy material handling system in your warehouse, including:

  • Increased worker productivity
  • Reduced walking times and waiting times
  • Automated ensures faster access to stored materials
  • Integration with existing warehouse equipment
  • Maximize floor space and unused overhead air space by storing more equipment in less space
  • Reduce costs associated with construction, since there is no need to expand your warehouse
  • Minimize your warehouse's footprint

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Southwest Solutions Group® provides design, consultation, and installation services to warehouses looking for efficient automated heavy material handling systems to improve worker safety and productivity. SSG will even offer a free consultation to determine your warehouse's precise needs for planning and evaluation. To learn more or to speak with an indistrial material handling specialist, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.



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