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Automated Industrial Lifts Keep Oil and Gas Operations Running Smoothly

automated industrial lifts storing and retrieving oilfield parts and valves

Oil and gas companies are working harder than ever due to increasing demand to lower prices. Tight drilling schedules and remote locations are making quick access to drilling parts an essential factor to maintain production of oil and gas. Having the right parts at the right time in the right place is critical to everything from rig manufacturing to drilling productivity because inventory shortages, missing or damaged parts, or incorrect part shipments can bring operations to a standstill. Fortunately, Automated Industrial Lifts for storing and retrieving oilfield parts and valves will keep your drilling operations running smoothly. The Automated Industrial Lifts will organize and secure parts and heavy valves to ensure maximum part availability and worker safety. (view images of Automated Industrial Lifts)

How the Automated Industrial Lifts Work for Efficient Storage & Retrievalindustrial lifts pick-to-light technology for retrieving oilfield parts and valves

Oilfield parts and heavy valves are stored within the Automated Industrial Lifts. With a simple push of a button, requested parts are delivered directly to the operator at an ergonomic counter. Pick to light technology directs the operator to the exact pick location for fast retrieval and immediate shipment. Overhead hoists are integrated with the lifts for safer and quicker handling of oversized heavy parts. The Automated Industrial Lifts saves time because employees don't have to walk through shelving aisles and searching for parts. These machines also will increase picking accuracy of small parts up to 99.9%. Other benefits of the Automated Industrial Lifts include:

  • Access to parts instantly
  • Increase of productivity up to 2/3
  • Part traceability
  • Transaction accountability
  • Save up to 85% of floor space
  • Improvement of worker safety & ergonomics

Automated Industrial Lifts Increase Productivity for Manufacturer of Oil and Gas Equipment

storing heavy oilfield parts in automated industrial lifts

A manufacturer of equipment and components used in oil and gas drilling and production needed a solution for increasing the amount of parts orders they could fulfill. Automated Industrial Lifts were just what the manufacturer needed. Before the lifts were installed, they were averaging 4.72 minutes per pick. Once they integrated the Automated Industrial Lifts, they were able to reduce the average pick time to 2.64 minutes per pick, which is a 44% increase in productivity.

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