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Compactor Shelving Cabinets and Compactorization Storage Racks Kansas City MO

Need to Compact your storage or filing area or consolidate your storage and allow more floorspace in your office or warehouse? Southwest Solutions Group® provides compactor shelving cabinets and compactorization storage racks to make your business space efficient. Our local Kansas City office is here to serve Kansas and Missouri with all of their office filing and warehouse storage needs.

Mobile Compactor Shelving Cabinets Save Storage Floor Space

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Innovative mobile compactor shelving cabinets save precious storage floor space. A typical business can expect to recover 10% of their floor space by using mobile compactor shelving cabinets in their office and warehouse storage facilities. The mobile compactor shelving cabinet concept eliminates wasted storage space by converting traditional static access aisles into a few movable access aisles. The number of movable aisles based on the activity level of your storage area. Our studies show that the number of storage or filing access aisles used at any one time is 15%, that means 85% of the access aisles are not being used while your business is paying to build or lease the floor space and the energy costs to maintain the floor space. The recouped floor space provided by this compactorization process can now be used for other purposes like new workstations, production lines, or more storage.

Office Compactor Shelving Cabinets and Warehouse Compactorization Storage Racks

compactorization storage racks Kansas City compactor shelving cabinets Topeka Overland Park Olathe Lawrence Shawnee Manhattan Salina Lenexa Columbia St Joseph MO

Whether you are looking for a small compactor shelving cabinet system to replace traditional office file cabinets or a large compactorization storage rack system to consolidate your warehouse we have numerous equipment solutions designed to meet your space requirements. In addition to small and large systems, we have compactor shelving and compactorization storage racks designed for hospitals, museums, law enforcement, schools, libraries, office filing, and industrial warehouses. Regardless of your available space or industry, all of our compactorization storage systems are designed to save floor space and provide a quick return on investment.

Design and Planning Compactorization Storage and Compactor Shelving

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Southwest Solutions Group® specializes in helping design and plan compactorization storage racks and compactor shelving cabinets in Kansas City and throughout the entire states of Missouri and Kansas. Call us today at 913-345-0289 or send us a message to see if compactor shelving makes sense for your facility.

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