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Wire Basket Bin Shelving Racks & Carts

adjustable wire basket bin shelving racks cartsAdjustable wire basket bin shelving racks and carts for supply storage are designed to store all types of supplies to facilitate better organization and quicker access. The wire shelving racks and carts are ideal for use in commercial, industrial, and healthcare applications such as PAR, operating theaters, sterile services, medical specialist departments, and more. Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing.

Enhanced Supply Storage

What makes the wire construction of these shelves special? Wire basket-type shelves promote a clean environment; they minimize dirt accumulation, and are all-around easier to clean than solid materials. This makes spills easier to clean, ensures that medical tools stay hygienic, and prevents parts and supplies from sustaining dust damage.

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The wire basket bin shelving is constructed with formed backs, sides, and fronts to keep parts contained in the baskets. Adjustable shelves can be mounted level or in two different tilted positions for improved visibility and access. The units are available in single or double-sided units depending on your access needs. Optional dividers are also available to divide the baskets into smaller areas for additional organization. The wire basket bin shelving can be purchased as a standing unit or can be outfitted with wheels for ease of transportation of materials.

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  • Additional options include label holders, sloped top shelves, and additional wire basket shelves that can be added on to the racks
  • Shelves are adjustable along three standard positions: flat, 10 degree slope, 30 degree slope
  • Each basket can hold up to 125 lbs.
  • Chrome finish
  • Seven storage levels
  • Click here for wire basket sizes

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